API Integrations and Relocation - What You Should Know
API Integrations and Relocation - What You Should Know

API Integrations and Relocation - What You Should Know

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Published: Apr 7, 2023

API integrations for relocation are the future of working faster and more efficiently. As global mobility professionals face growing responsibilities and increasingly complex processes, workflow efficiencies become more important to meet your talent objectives.

That’s where API integrations demonstrate true value. APIs, or Application Programming Interfaces, create communication protocols between business systems, automate workflows and streamline processes within and outside your organization. 

Automation drives efficiencies for HR Mobility teams, all who touch your mobility processes, and improves the overall experience of your relocating employees. Automated workflows allow your team members to focus on what is important – securing critical talent and getting them where they are needed as quickly as possible.

It also helps your business scale for future growth by leveraging technology.

UNITE Integration Platform

NEI's UNITE Integration Platform simplifies the integration process to easily connect client and supply chain partners within a highly efficient mobile workforce management system to:

  • Seamlessly integrate systems and synchronize data between the client and NEI
  • Automate entire business processes, including authorizations, relocation activities, invoicing, compensation, and tax gross-up
  • Drive efficiencies and improve the overall experience of your relocating employees through the timely delivery of quality services

While technical staff are needed for API integrations, NEI’s UNITE Integration Platform minimizes the one-time investment to create efficiencies throughout your relocation lifecycle. This investment pays long-term dividends, freeing up time and energy for what matters most - getting the right people in place to unlock new business capabilities for your company.

In Summary

As a full-service global mobility company offering related global compensation and consulting services, NEI Global Relocation (NEI) uses UNITE to unify the entire relocation experience.

Innovation through API integration is a strong focus toward our collaborative approach to provide trustworthy, consultative mobility solutions that make the relocation process work better, so you can achieve your talent agility objectives.

For more information on how UNITE can improve your workflows, please contact  NEI Global Relocation.