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  • I trust NEI with our employees—that is the highest form of compliment I can give a vendor, in my opinion.

  • I can honestly say that NEI takes better care of our people, brings more consistency to our policy application and deals with issues more quickly than we could.

  • Thank you for such incredible service!

  • The value of the services you provide and the ease of doing business with you makes you an indispensable extension of our staff.

  • This is impressive! (Pharmaceutical Benchmark) I am only getting to know NEI but this is a great reflection of the hard work, professionalism and comprehensive analysis. It definitely put your organization in a very positive light.

  • NEI's abundance of checks and balances is very reassuring to me that everything is done right the first time.

  • I found your reporting package to be exceptional…keep up the great work!

  • I have worked with other Relocation Companies and quite frankly none have been as professional or helpful as NEI.

  • NEI captured the true essence of our policy, then compared component by component and provided a complete review that was second to none.

  • With many of our partners the time difference between China and the U.S. can be a problem, but not with NEI.

  • We have moved with another corporation eight times. Our experience with NEI tops the list.

  • I have almost 25 years experience with relo and relo companies.  NEI is by far the most efficient, reliable, and personable of all I have experienced.


NEI NOW is designed for companies that may need immediate assistance with an employee move or those that are considering outsourcing their relocation program.

The first step is to take a brief survey to help us identify your particular needs so we can connect you with the right resource in our organization.

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Relocating Top Executives

As enticing key talent to your organization takes a more prominent role, relocation benefits may be the difference between a "yes" or a "no".

Moving is among the most stressful situations one will ever experience, as is changing employers. Compound that with a top executive's need to be 100 percent focused on the tasks at hand and you can understand why these company leaders receive enriched relocation benefits.

The Executive Relocation Program at NEI Global Relocation facilitates a seamless transition so your company leader can stay focused on professional concerns.

We know the benefits that executives typically receive and can guide you to create a relocation solution that attracts the best and brightest to your organization.

Improve Your Acceptance Rates

NEI Global Relocation frequently acts as an extension of our clients' recruiting efforts by offering Candidate Assistance Services, focusing on strategies to increase the acceptance rates of your company's employment offers.

Examples of tools and services that are available include:

  • Relocation cost estimates for the candidate and client
  • Policy counseling to review authorized relocation benefits
  • Online Homeowner's Relocation Pre-Decision Self Assessment Tool
  • Needs analysis, then area orientation to address specific needs
  • Information about the destination location and NEI Cities tool

This is especially helpful in challenging markets, where, for example, one of our clients nearly doubled acceptance rates after implementing our program.


Home Marketing Assistance

Relocating for a new career opportunity brings with it many concerns, especially for homeowners during a fluctuating real estate market.

Companies have a wide range of options in assisting an employee in marketing their home, including a Guaranteed Buy Out, Buyer Value Option, Direct Reimbursement or simply offering Home Marketing Assistance support.

NEI Global Relocation is happy to discuss the various home sale programs and some of the helpful tools we've developed to help your employees make an informed decision, such as the Homeowner's Pre-Decision Relocation Self-Assessment Tool.

Negotiated Rates and Supplier Management

NEI Global Relocation moves thousands of employees to points all around the world each year.

The benefits of using our van line contracts include:

  • Pre-negotiated rates with volume discounts
  • Pre-qualified companies with service agreements
  • Peak season preference and on-time delivery
  • Added value items included in our agreements
  • Assistance with claims resolution, if necessary

Whether your employees are moving across the country or around the world, NEI Global Relocation has strong household goods shipping and freight forwarding partners to help them.


Destination Services

Whether your employees need assistance with home or rental finding, area orientation, temporary living accommodations, cultural or language training, school search or other needs, NEI Global Relocation can help.

Our Global Partner Alliance is comprised of trusted service providers throughout the world and we can advise you on what is typically done in almost any situation.

To help us determine your specific needs, please complete our assessment survey so we can connect you to the right point of contact.

Assessment Survey

International Support

NEI Global Relocation has been managing International relocation services since 1986 when we transferred a client's employee out of South Africa, including the disposition of the employee's home in that country. Since then, our International service offerings have rapidly expanded to meet our clients' global challenges and evolving transferee and assignee needs.

Today, NEI handles all aspects of International talent agility from coordinating immigration documentation to final freight forwarding, cultural and language training to global leadership development and so much more. Our Global Partner Alliance is comprised of carefully selected service partners, skilled in managing the intricacies of global relocation.


Relocation Program Management

Attracting and retaining critical talent while controlling costs requires a delicate balancing act between company goals and employee expectations. Finding the right partner to assist you can make all the difference in the world.

With NEI Global Relocation, you can focus on your core business while we take care of the relocation management details by:

  • Easing your administrative burdens
  • Containing costs in all areas of your relocation program
  • Streamlining policies and procedures with a constant focus on efficiencies
  • Keeping your program competitive and continuously improving it through our consultative approach
  • Being an extension of your department with our relocation solutions

No matter what your relocation volume is - large or small - it doesn't take long to realize the value of working with an experienced partner like NEI.

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