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  • I’ve been a real estate broker for 29 years and have worked with many relocation companies.  Our entire experience with NEI was the best we have ever experienced.

  • Your follow up is second to none and you really do care about the success of the relocation.

  • WOW!  The best I have ever worked with as far as relo companies!

  • I am always impressed by the high degree of professionalism throughout your company.

  • With many of our partners, the time difference between China and the U.S. can be a problem, but not with NEI.

  • I’ve worked with other relocation companies and quite frankly, none have been as professional or helpful as NEI.

  • NEI has a committed spirit of partnership and customer care.

Marketing Challenge

NEI Global Relocation purchased a high-valued home from a transferee who happened to be an emu rancher. When he vacated the home, he left behind more than 100 birds, all needing care and a new home.

Our service partner and NEI brainstormed on how to approach this challenge and:

  • Made arrangements with the local zoo to provide a permanent home for the birds
  • Contacted the local news station about when the zoo would be collecting the emus
  • Received a delightful human interest story on the local news
  • Captured the interest of some local viewers and sold the property


Creative marketing efforts by NEI and our service partner helped the client quickly divest its interest in a very expensive and unusual property. Meanwhile, the emus are running around in their new home at the zoo.


24/7 Accommodation

On the day before Thanksgiving, a client called with the name of a potential transferee and spouse who wanted to make a home-finding trip over the holiday weekend when few real estate agents would be available.

Within 24 hours, NEI contacted one of our service partners who:

  • Coordinated an orientation tour for 3 p.m. Thanksgiving Day
  • Arranged Thanksgiving dinner with reservations at 6 p.m.
  • Scheduled two days of home finding for Friday and Saturday


NEI's service partner gave up a holiday to accommodate the transferee's needs and helped the couple find the perfect home quickly.

Creative Marketing

A transferee vacated a large, elaborate home which prospective buyers referred to as “cold” and “noisy” due to the ornate tile floors. Visualizing furniture arrangement was a challenge causing a rise in the company’s holding costs.

Our service partner knew about a local service that qualified upscale temporary renters and approached NEI with a creative option to rent the property to someone who could tastefully furnish the home. NEI:

  • Interviewed the temporary tenant and reviewed her furnishings prior to move-in
  • Negotiated an agreement with the tenant to allow showings of the home


Buyers were drawn to the home’s potential due to the upscale furnishings, rental income supplemented the company's holding costs and it sold in less than two months.