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  • I trust NEI with our employees—that is the highest form of compliment I can give a vendor, in my opinion.

  • I can honestly say that NEI takes better care of our people, brings more consistency to our policy application and deals with issues more quickly than we could.

  • Thank you for such incredible service!

  • The value of the services you provide and the ease of doing business with you makes you an indispensable extension of our staff.

  • This is impressive! (Pharmaceutical Benchmark) I am only getting to know NEI but this is a great reflection of the hard work, professionalism and comprehensive analysis. It definitely put your organization in a very positive light.

  • NEI's abundance of checks and balances is very reassuring to me that everything is done right the first time.

  • I found your reporting package to be exceptional…keep up the great work!

  • I have worked with other Relocation Companies and quite frankly none have been as professional or helpful as NEI.

  • NEI captured the true essence of our policy, then compared component by component and provided a complete review that was second to none.

  • With many of our partners the time difference between China and the U.S. can be a problem, but not with NEI.

  • We have moved with another corporation eight times. Our experience with NEI tops the list.

  • I have almost 25 years experience with relo and relo companies.  NEI is by far the most efficient, reliable, and personable of all I have experienced.

Global Analytics at Your Fingertips

NEI trademarked the phrase Globalytics® to describe our suite of reports available to our client administrators, 24/7. Because all NEI data is tracked and recorded in one system, it is easy for us to provide our clients with easy access to comprehensive data. Client administrators can set parameters and pull reports on demand.

Initiation reports for a designated period…no problem. Cost detail for a business unit…within seconds. Total costs related to a single benefit…at your fingertips.

Our clients are quite amazed at the detail available to them at a moment’s notice. One client believed that their exceptions were running around $100,000 per year. After converting to our system, our Exception Management Report showed they were spending about $250,000 per quarter.

NEI understands the value of tracking and analyzing accurate data so you are able to make informed decisions about how to improve your relocation program and save money. If you would like to see a demonstration of how Globalytics® can help to streamline the analysis of your relocation program, please reach out to our Global Client Development team at NEI.