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  • I trust NEI with our employees—that is the highest form of compliment I can give a vendor, in my opinion.

  • I can honestly say that NEI takes better care of our people, brings more consistency to our policy application and deals with issues more quickly than we could.

  • Thank you for such incredible service!

  • The value of the services you provide and the ease of doing business with you makes you an indispensable extension of our staff.

  • This is impressive! (Pharmaceutical Benchmark) I am only getting to know NEI but this is a great reflection of the hard work, professionalism and comprehensive analysis. It definitely put your organization in a very positive light.

  • NEI's abundance of checks and balances is very reassuring to me that everything is done right the first time.

  • I found your reporting package to be exceptional…keep up the great work!

  • I have worked with other Relocation Companies and quite frankly none have been as professional or helpful as NEI.

  • NEI captured the true essence of our policy, then compared component by component and provided a complete review that was second to none.

  • With many of our partners the time difference between China and the U.S. can be a problem, but not with NEI.

  • We have moved with another corporation eight times. Our experience with NEI tops the list.

  • I have almost 25 years experience with relo and relo companies.  NEI is by far the most efficient, reliable, and personable of all I have experienced.

Global Employee Relocation Services

As a full service global relocation and assignment management company, NEI Global Relocation can provide all services required by your company - worldwide. Even more important than what services we provide or where we provide them is how we deliver those services. Our consultative approach and our desire to "Own It!" for you drives us to consistently provide Service Exceeding Expectations. Listed below is a sampling of our services grouped in broad categories with downloadable content.


NEI Global Relocation consults on all aspects of relocation and assignment management. We work with you to define critical needs, gather necessary data, analyze it and collaborate on developing strategic solutions to improve processes, benchmark your program benefits, mitigate risks, and plan for evolving business needs. Whether you need assistance preparing for RFPs, group moves, mergers & acquisitions, expansion or contraction priorities, cost analysis or global mobility leadership alignment, NEI has the experience to guide you.

NEI becomes a vital extension of our clients' business goals. We partner with them to create a strategic relocation program focused on containing costs and making relocation a positive experience for all involved. During the implementation phase, NEI helps define client goals, philosophy, culture, policy details, the exception request process and other key points.

Clients receive ongoing policy consulting and development services, online and mobile technology support, policy counseling for your transferees or assignees, supplier partner management and much more.

From the time your employees accept a relocation, NEI is guiding and advising them throughout the process with personal and professional assistance to ensure a smooth transition. NEI provides comprehensive support based on what is authorized and needed.

Examples of Origination Services include: a thorough family needs analysis, home marketing assistance, lease break assistance, home sale program administration, and inventory management or property management.

NEI works closely with members of our Global Partner Alliance to provide local expertise in helping your employees settle into their new location and focus on the future.

Some examples of destination services include: area orientation, home finding services whether they lease or purchase, household goods move management, temporary living arrangements, mortgage assistance, spousal or partner career assistance, pet transportation, school assistance and much more.

Nowhere is it more crucial to have NEI partners in talent agility than in the global arena. Today's global environment is ever changing and requires much of companies who need to relocate employees worldwide.

NEI offers a full complement of international support including: assignment assessments, candidate assistance, cost estimates, destination services, intercultural and language training, expatriate tax coordination, temporary living, tenancy management, immigration support, business practices assistance and much more.

NEI offers a comprehensive expense management program to ensure full accountability for all costs and accurate reporting, in any currency. We support our clients' payroll departments with electronic reports, customized to their system and coding requirements.

Both standard and ad-hoc reports, including cumulative expense reports, payroll period reports, detailed year-end reports for gross-up and withholding amounts, year-end reports and annual summaries for transferees are customized to client preferences.

In today's fast-paced environment, NEI's robust technology tools help NEI to achieve a high level of performance without replacing the personal touch our clients have come to expect.

Clients and transferees can access their personalized NEI websites for everything related to their respective programs or individual moves through the NEI Global Gateway--24/7, from anywhere in the world.

Please visit our Technology section for more details.

Commercial Real Estate and Relocation Services

NEI Global Relocation helps our clients in many ways. One way in particular may not be on your radar - commercial real estate and relocation services. Our sister company, NAI NP Dodge, is an affiliate of a global network of commercial real estate professionals with 375 offices and more than 6,700 agents worldwide.  These commercial real estate professionals provide a wide range of resources including, market research, listing resources, architectural/engineering/civic connections and posess the local negotiation skills for lease or purchase of industrial, retail or office space needs. They can help our clients with site selection or property disposition.

In addition to Group Move services that may be required to relocate employees when locations change, NEI Global Relocation can assist with securing qualified movers for relocating business equipment and office furnishings.

If you have questions about securing office, retail or industrial space anywhere in the world, please take our brief survey so we may determine how we can best assist you.

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