NEI Global Relocation | Our Values

Living Our Values

Every company has a set of values. At NEI, we are intentional about living our values. We pull everything together in our training and daily activities to focus on our Mission, Core Focus, Core Values, The NEI Way of doing things, and our Own It! approach to ensure we stay on track.

Service Exceeding Expectations

Deliver the right global mobility solutions to our clients for their unique needs and relocating families while building rewarding careers for our employees and living our values.

NEI Core Values


Partner to make the right
 decisions and be
 accountable, every time.

The NEI Way
Meet my deadlines.
Provide accurate responses.
Conduct myself ethically.


Respond to our customers'
needs with cost effective,
timely and proactive options,

The NEI Way
Have a positive attitude.
Act with urgency.
Listen/hear customer needs.


Build a legacy of lasting
relationships through sincere,
honest and reliable actions.

The N​EI Way
Communicate verbally.
Own my errors.
Evaluate my performance.


Develop smart, sustainable
solutions to deliver a
quality customer experience.

The NEI Way
Anticipate customer needs.
Use cost effective processes.
Deliver sustainable solutions.


Respect diversity,
be equitable and value
the contributions of others.

The NEI Way
Work in partnership.
Be a good mentee/mentor.
Respect others' ideas & time

Our approach to achieve all of the above is to Own It!

Offer value  |  Win the customer's confidence  |  Now, not later  |  Inspire with a positive attitude  |  Take responsibility