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As Senior Vice President, U.S. Domestic Operations, Janell is responsible for overseeing service delivery of all relocation programs, quality assurance, team training and development, and goal monitoring for clients and NEI operations personnel. She works closely supporting team members, and ensures adequate staffing to service clients’ relocation volume on an ongoing basis. She also makes arrangements to provide additional support when a client’s business needs result in volume surges.

Janell also works with NEI’s training and development department to ensure our employees have the technical training necessary to perform their jobs well. With a continuous focus on excellent customer service, Janell monitors all service evaluations received and responds to any opportunities identified as a result of the feedback.


Janell’s tenure with NEI began in 1996 and has included managing several large and midsize fully outsourced accounts, serving as an Account Executive, Senior Account Executive and Operations Manager before her 2009 promotion to Vice President. Janell led the transition of fully outsourced accounts and played an active role in policy communications and benefit rollout meetings for our clients. In addition, she has aided in the planning and coordination of several large group moves, which included destination community education and group presentations, informing impacted employees of the benefits and support being provided by their employers. Janell maintains an instrumental role in directing policy administration and relocation processes to support clients’ goals for cost control and process efficiency.

Janell’s background prior to NEI includes HR, brokerage and work as a bank auditor for the FDIC.


Janell has presented a number of strategies and solutions for clients. Examples include:

  • Experience working with several transportation industry clients, including revamping of policies resulting in cost savings.
  • Well-versed in the dynamics of working with union and non-union employees; facilitating the relocation process for large transferee populations with rural properties.
  • Aided in the development and implementation of policy revisions, resulting in a cost savings of $1M to the client. 

Janell Anderson

Chief Experience Officer