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As Vice President of IT Business Services, Heidi manages NEI’s Website, Reporting, Application and Database teams. This group of technology professionals develops, supports and maintains NEI’s Global Gateway, Reporting tools and NEI’s business application, ORBIT. With a focus on Service Exceeding Expectations, Heidi works closely with other departments to ensure accurate and timely support for NEI’s users and clients. She places a high value on employee growth and mentorship, which has allowed her to develop our IT Business Services professionals into some of the best technological relocation professionals in the industry.


After beginning her career in global mobility and relocation with NEI in 1994, Heidi quickly demonstrated her ability to learn the relocation business and be an asset to NEI’s operations department, specializing in NEI’s database department. She has progressed from her early days at NEI from a power user to Vice President of IT Business Services, sharing her emphasis on quality and excellence in customer service with everyone she encounters.

Over the years, Heidi has been instrumental in managing NEI’s relocation database, ORBIT. This robust database is the backbone of our data infrastructure and is the initial point of entry for all relocation data. Most recently, Heidi began leading the Website and Reporting teams and works to provide quality IT solutions to our users and clients.

Heidi’s depth and breadth of relocation knowledge, combined with her understanding of technical solutions, places her in an elite group within the relocation community. She sets herself apart by melding her experience with the ability to break down processes to their simplest form in order to identify opportunities for improvement both internally and with our clients.

 “Heidi continues to bring great value to NEI and we are fortunate to have her leading the database team and development efforts for NEI and our clients, both externally and internally!”                                                                                                                         ~Randy Wilson, CEO

Heidi Korell

Vice President, IT Business Services