NEI Global Relocation | Bios


As Vice President of Talent Development, Nancy has the responsibility to ensure that the individuals on our Administration, Talent Development and Policy Development teams are learning, growing and constantly striving to improve the services that NEI provides to its customers.

  • Administration is responsible for supporting our company with the distribution and documentation of various processes for our clients and their relocating families – and anything else that pops up
  • Talent Development supports NEI University with more than 200 formal training courses tied to our business and how we manage our processes, as well as the coordination of service partner training sessions and industry webinars
  • Policy Development is responsible for creating, tracking, and updating more than 600 policies and support documentation for our clients and their relocating families

Nancy’s influence on each new employee at NEI is an integral part of developing our Service Exceeding Expectations philosophy.  Since there is not a degree for relocation management, her role is crucial in educating our teams about our business and “The NEI Way” of doing things.


In 1984, Nancy began her career in relocation management after a short time selling real estate. She joined NEI in 1998 with a variety of relocation skills and had the opportunity to experience many different facets of the industry before accepting a leadership position in our Talent Development department.


Nancy is a Certified Relocation Professional (CRP) with Worldwide ERC® and still holds her Nebraska Real Estate License.  She graduated from the University of Missouri where she met her husband.  In addition to golf, gardening and reading, Nancy enjoys and is quite talented at making a unique style of jewelry for which she owns a design copyright.

Nancy Godwin

Vice President, Talent Development