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Our Mission, Vision, Values and Approach

Our mission at NEI Global Relocation is to provide Service Exceeding Expectations. Our vision is to deliver the right global mobility solutions to our clients for their unique needs and relocating families while building rewarding careers for our employees and living our values! Our values are the heart of how we strive to be - Trustworthy, Intentional, Authentic, Innovative and Inclusive.

There are three areas in which NEI is unique: Empowered Team Members, Strategically Designed Technology and a Legacy of Lasting Relationships.

Our approach to achieve all the above is to Own It!

  • Offer value
  • Win the customer's confidence
  • Now, not later
  • Inspire others with a positive attitude
  • Take responsibility

Our mission, vision and values—driven by our Own It! approach—are the elements upon which the blueprint of our culture at NEI is built...a culture of Service Exceeding Expectations.

Talent Agility

Getting the right people in the right place at the right time - cost effectively!

NEI Global Relocation delivers world class relocation management and consulting services resulting in Talent Agility for those we serve.

We are an agile organization that is extremely flexible in working with our clients...juggling the many facets of transitioning their relocating families to their new locations.

We consider ourselves your partners...Partners in Talent Agility and invite you to learn more about what that simple phrase means to all of us at NEI in this short video.

Relocation Is Our ONLY Business

At NEI, relocation is our ONLY business! Our philosophy is to grow organically so we can consistently deliver on our mission of providing Service Exceeding Expectations.

Our parent company, NP Dodge Company, was established in 1855. Its longevity has taught us that to succeed it takes an honest effort, perseverance, a willingness to innovate and confidence in the future.

This video provides a glimpse into how we grew from a 1985 start-up to become one of the most highly regarded relocation management companies in the industry.

Our Global Footprint

During NEI Global Relocation's first four years, we were working consistently in five countries. Over the next decade we expanded to 42 countries, then 70, and today, we are helping our clients' transferees in 128 countries with offices in the United States, Switzerland, and Singapore.

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