Tax Tips from Peter Scott

Published: Mar 30, 2016

Peter K. Scott is the primary contributor to the Mobility Law Blog, hosted at www.worldwideerc.org.

In a recent post, he addressed changes for 2016 and reminders for 2015 tax filings.

Changes for 2016 include:

  • The mileage deduction for moving purposes decreased from 23 cents per mile to 19 cents per mile
  • The standard mileage rate for business miles driven decreased from 57.5 cents per mile to 54 cents per mile

A reminder of items deductible as moving expenses that are sometimes overlooked:

  • Tips to the moving van driver or helpers
  • 2015 mileage is 23 cents per mile for driving first, second or third cars to the new location
  • Lodging expenses in the departure location for one night after the household goods are packed, and one night in the new location on the day of arrival
  • Moving household goods from a location other than your main home, up to what it would have cost to move them from the main home
  • Storage of household goods for up to 30 days and the cost of moving the goods into and out of storage even if the goods are in storage more than 30 days
  • Expenses not reimbursed by your employer, such as extra crating, shipment of unusual items, tips to van line staff, etc.
  • The cost of transporting your cars and pets to a new home
  • Costs associated with connecting or disconnecting utilities because you are moving personal effects

And remember: You don’t have to itemize to deduct moving expenses.

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