Services That Save Money

Services That Save Money

Published: Aug 15, 2017

Finishing out the morning, Al Blumenberg, NEI SVP of Global Client Development and Service Partner Relations, encouraged three Global Partner Alliance members to discuss how to save money by using specific services in fitting situations. 

Panelists included Julie Rice of National Corporate Housing, Jeff Heisler of Home Sweet Home and Stephanie Lewin of Berry Appleman & Leiden, LLP.  Some of the highlights included:

  • How challenging it can be to find rental properties in many parts of the country due to rising rent prices, low inventory, and identifying the best location—particularly in large metropolitan areas. Julie explained the various levels of services and offered examples of how this type of support can reduce the amount of time people spend on this important component of relocating.
  • A very popular service called Discard and Donate. Jeff reported that in 2016 alone, companies using this service saved a cumulative amount of $2,700,000 in household goods fees, or an average of $710 per family by helping people eliminate unneeded items and reducing the amount of household goods to ship.  The service also offers some significant sustainability statistics for the environment, including 6.5 million pounds of household goods eliminated, resulting in $2.7 milliion in net savings for all clients, saving 2,121 trees, covering the costs of planting nearly 7,000 new trees, and saving about 104,000 gallons of fuel.
  • How implementing a centralized approach with a thorough consultation for each time a visa or work permit is needed for an international engagement not only saves money, but increases corporate compliance, noted Stephanie. This was a very timely topic given the amount of focus all nations are placing on immigration.

While it may seem strange to spend money to save money, the information discussed provided great food-for-thought, when assessing the value of our time and the efficiencies gained by being more productive.