Remote Relocations & Assignments

Remote Relocations & Assignments

Challenges and Solutions

Published: Apr 12, 2018

The term “remote” can mean “distant; situated far from the main population centers”, but the word will vary based on an individual’s perspective.  For some, it’s where a Starbucks might be lacking.  For others, it’s where livestock outnumber people, most roads are gravel or where the nearest airport may be a few hours away.

Despite differences, one of NEI’s advantages is our breadth of experience working with clients who send employees to and from remote areas around the globe.  In fact, because of our diverse client base and their geographic coverage mix, over 20% percent of our volume is in remote/rural locations.

Managing relocations and assignments in and out of remote areas pose situations that require creative problem solving.  In this paper, NEI:

  • Outlines some unique challenges faced by clients and their employees
  • Highlights solutions we have implemented
  • Illustrates stories of how we’ve creatively championed remote relocations to fully support our clients – from selling an emu ranch to helping a large family relocate to rural Hungary…and many more

Further, the piece explores how NEI helps market properties in rural areas that require creative, targeted strategies and, also, how we work with our global service partner network to locate housing and temporary living accommodations that fit the needs of each transferring family, the company budget, and the available options.

NEI’s geographic reach extends worldwide from urban to metro to remote: where other companies find remote areas daunting, NEI continues to be open for business.

To receive a copy of this NEI white paper, please contact your NEI Client Relations Manager or NEI Client Development representative at 800-533-7353 (U.S. and Canada) or +01 (402) 397-8486 (international).