Post Pandemic World Demands Modern Workforce Mobility Policies
Post Pandemic World Demands Modern Workforce Mobility Policies

Post Pandemic World Demands Modern Workforce Mobility Policies

Joint Declaration Emphasizes the Importance of Talent Mobility to Economic Recovery

Published: Apr 26, 2021

NEI Global Relocation applauds Worldwide ERC®, EURA® and CERC in coming together to represent workforce mobility and the relocation industry by releasing a joint declaration calling on government and business leaders to adopt modern talent management policies to support faster economic recovery and growth.

“With all that has changed related to workforce mobility, especially over the past year, regulators around the world can benefit by consulting with these expert organizations to support an efficient global recovery,” said Randy Wilson, NEI President | CEO and Worldwide ERC® Government Affairs Council member.

Michelle Moore, NEI Chief Global Mobility Officer and Worldwide® ERC Finance Committee Chair, believes that the impact of corporate entity rules and global tax regulations could impede recovery and consulting with these organizations could bring a more clear understanding of the complexities of these issues.

“We firmly believe that countries and industries with a policy infrastructure that recognizes the importance of talent deployment to economic recovery will bounce back more rapidly,” wrote WECAN – the Worldwide ERC®, EuRA and CERC Associations Network. “That is why we have joined forces for the first time to deliver solutions for modernizing relocation and mobility policies and practices that will drive economic recovery and meet the new workforce realities of a post-COVID world.”

The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed how and where we work. A recent Worlwide ERC® survey of senior human resources leaders found that 80.9 percent of employers with more than 10,000 employees anticipate that 50 percent or more of their workforce will be working remotely on a permanent basis.

Meanwhile, existing challenges, like the competition for global talent and ensuring families have a safe relocation experience, have intensified as industries and countries begin to rebuild. Core to these mounting concerns is the importance of talent mobility to economic recovery.

“Workforce mobility and relocation professionals are experts in talent management and relocation, making them central to post-pandemic recovery and future growth,” said Canadian Employee Relocation Council (CERC) President & CEO Stephen Cryne. “Our declaration today makes it clear that our industry will be partners to government and business leaders looking to modernize mobility policies.”

“National leaders must deliver public policy solutions that ensure business can access and relocate the talent they need to rebuild and recover in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Worldwide ERC® President and CEO Lynn Shotwell. “Government can rely on our industry as a trusted source for solutions to their most pressing talent mobility challenges.”

“At the heart of our declaration today is recognition of the critical role workforce mobility professionals and our industry play in worldwide economic recovery and growth,” said European Relocation Association (EuRA) CEO Tad Zurlinden. “Our commitment to elevating our industry in government and business discussions worldwide is ongoing and will continue.”

The WECAN leaders will focus on three core objectives:

  • Recovery, providing the experts, skills and resources to help our memberships and the networks they serve be part of the economic recovery solution.
  • Recruitment, delivering public policy solutions that ensure business can access and relocate the talent they need to rebuild their workforces, industries, and economies around the world.
  • Recognition, advancing awareness for the value of the many professionals working in the field of employee relocation and the critical role of the global mobility industry in worldwide economic recovery and growth.

“We commit to collaborate in areas of research, education and advocacy in our respective countries and through participation in international bodies to make it easier and faster for employers to recruit and deploy international talent,” the declaration concludes.

Read the full declaration and learn more about WECAN here.


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