NEI’s First Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Award Presented
NEI’s First Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Award Presented

NEI’s First Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Award Presented

2021 NEI Global Partner Alliance Summit

Published: Nov 2, 2021

Monday, October 25, 2021 – NEI Global Relocation, a large, Nationally Certified Women’s Business Enterprise, is honored to present our first ever Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) Award to AltoVita – the only female owned and led corporate housing technology provider AND the only female owned and led global agent.

“A strong Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) program fosters higher degrees of engagement, productivity and innovations,” said Randy Wilson, NEI President and CEO. “When a company achieves success in advancing the mission of improving the workplace through DE&I initiatives, we want to recognize those successes and share with others so we can learn from each other. We felt AltoVita deserved this award for the great strides they’ve made as a valued diverse service partner of NEI. Congratulations!”

Never has transparency been more important when it comes to the role DE&I plays in an organization. Studies show employees experiencing a caring community at work is one of the top drivers of revenue over-performance for small and medium-sized companies.

AltoVita was founded with the intention of breaking the corporate housing mold and doing things differently to achieve transformational results. They spent the past year focused on how they could build the best team, elevate different voices in the industry and make DE&I part of their DNA.


AltoVita started with sourcing the best thinking globally. Their founders were born in Jakarta and Prague and knew that the best ideas are diverse ones, which led them to source a globally distributed team.


Some people might describe equity as having a seat at the table, but AltoVita believed it could be more. Their employees are literally stock-holding partners in the company, which promotes engagement and accountability.


AltoVita defines inclusion as “allowing people to be their complete selves and live their truths.” More than 50% of their workforce is female, over 20% identify as LGTBQ+ and their team is comprised of 13 nationalities.

We extend our whole-hearted congratulations to AltoVita for not only being a diverse supplier, but for intentionally striving for excellence with a diverse workforce, equitable structure and an inclusive environment in which all can not only succeed, but thrive!