NEI's Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Award Presented
NEI's Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Award Presented

NEI's Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Award Presented

2022 Global Partner Alliance Summit

Published: Oct 10, 2022

October 2022 NEI Global Relocation, a large, Nationally Certified Women’s Business Enterprise, is honored to present our annual Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) Award to Executive Relocations.

“Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) in the workplace is important to further respect amongst team members and allow multiple vantage points to be heard when seeking solutions,” said Randy Wilson, NEI President and CEO. “Creating a work-culture that’s fair, values each individual, and empowers everyone to contribute according to their unique talents isn’t an easy task. This is why we are excited to have the opportunity to celebrate Executive Relocations for the great strides they’ve made as a valued service partner of NEI.”

Executive Relocations noticed imbalances in career development and advancement opportunities between males and females at their company so they formalized a consistent, transparent, and impartial policy for advancement based on performance, where salary increases and responsibility levels would be tied to the achievement of specific KPIs. 

Once implemented, the policy led to a reduction in wage gaps at all levels of the company.  Executive Relocations is confident that the new policy, along with an increase in development opportunities, will continue to have a positive impact on their workforce.


Executive Relocations addressed deficiencies in how they developed and advanced talent, which improved the prospects of diversity throughout the company.


By ensuring promotions, responsibilities, and salary increases were dependent on ability and performance, Executive Relocations further demonstrated their commitment to fairness and equity.


Because of their efforts, more women will enjoy expanded leadership and decision making roles.

We extend our whole-hearted congratulations to Executive Relocations for intentionally striving to excel with a diverse workforce, equitable structure and an inclusive environment in which all can succeed!