NEI Webinar: Managing and Forecasting the Unpredictable

NEI Webinar: Managing and Forecasting the Unpredictable

Published: Nov 1, 2017

Finance teams and budget owners for domestic and international relocations often ask mobility managers: “How much will the relocation cost?” “Why did the numbers change?” “Why are we getting billed for expenses that occurred a month or two after the move was completed?”

This highly visual demonstration tackles Managing and Forecasting the Unpredictable in two segments:

  • A U.S. Domestic relocation where unforeseen circumstances impact the timeline, impose significant challenges to forecasting costs, and delay the anticipated timing of invoices
  • A panel discussion bringing together NEI Global Relocation International Services and Regional Managers from EMEA and APAC to discuss similar sets of circumstances from a global perspective

During this jam-packed hour, we’ll help you prepare to answer the tough forecasting questions with confidence when today’s biggest budget items in most relocation packages become seemingly unpredictable.

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