NEI Service Partner Spotlight

NEI Service Partner Spotlight

International AutoSource

Published: Jun 23, 2021

When Personal Transport
Becomes a Top Priority

Compared to finding suitable housing, locating schools for children or visa / immigration hurdles, personal transportation in destination locations is rarely the highest concern for assignees and their families. 

This is particularly true when public transportation is either widely available or when having a vehicle is neither practical nor cost-effective. However, when assignees / families are in a location deemed “vehicle dependent” – lacking public transport or when the assignee’s situation warrants it, the need for personal transport quickly becomes a top priority. In fact, those relocating globally for the first time may not initially appreciate the challenges in obtaining a vehicle.

Lack of local credit history and driving record can make securing financing and insurance difficult. The relocating employee may not be familiar with local licensing and registration requirements. All of these unknowns can add stress to the relocation process.

International AutoSource (IAS)
Experience and Offerings

NEI has worked with IAS since 2005 to meet the on-assignment personal transportation needs for both short and long-term assignments. This service partner has 25 years of experience assisting the global community and has helped over 50,000 expats with vehicles on-assignment.  IAS has representatives and call centers in the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Philippines, Korea, Japan, and Panama.

Services include both All-Inclusive Global Rentals and Financing and Leasing:

All-Inclusive Global Rentals

  • Single point of contact.
  • Preferred rates in all regions.
  • Spousal/employee sharing at no additional cost.
  • Basic road-side assistance.
  • Comprehensive insurance included.

Finance and Leasing

  • Flexible direct-billing options.
  • No local credit history required.
  • Access to all vehicle models, new and used.
  • Flexible finance and lease terms.
  • Competitive insurance rates, without a local driving history, through partners.
  • Available in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Japan, Mexico, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

The Bottom Line:  Through their unique programs, IAS can help clients and their relocating employees save time and money. The IAS culture of service excellence provides convenience to help ensure a smooth transition.

Flawless, Seamless Service and Totally Remote Auto Financing

An NEI client’s employee was recently relocated from India to Texas. He had heard from other expats it could be challenging when entering the U.S. to secure a vehicle without credit and he had his sights on driving a 2020 Ford Escape with specific features.

IAS was able to help him finance this specific vehicle within his budget - without U.S. credit, and also find the car with all of his preferred options – including color!  His post-relocation feedback says it all:

“International AutoSource was just superb in answering any queries and questions we had -- from starting to select the car, select the model, the pricing, the features, everything. So, I must say I am lucky and I’m really happy to buy this beautiful car through International AutoSource … they specialize in people like us, where expats come to a country and try to buy a car.  I would recommend their services 5 stars, outstanding.”

If you have questions about auto purchasing and leasing for global employees, your NEI contact can assist you further.