NEI Remote Internship Pulse Survey

NEI Remote Internship Pulse Survey

Published: Jun 23, 2021

NEI Global Relocation’s Global Mobility Strategies team – in conjunction with the Worldwide Employee Relocation Council® – conducted a Pulse Survey of a wide variety of industries to determine how organizations addressed remote internships programs during the 2020 pandemic.

Survey highlights:

  • Value: Most cited the biggest benefit of remote internships were lower costs compared to traditional programs.
  • Drawback: The biggest challenge was remote interns experiencing an organization's culture.
  • Support:  In 2019, most provided benefits to traditional interns, but only a quarter did for remote interns in 2020.
  • Policies:  About half had formal policies for both traditional and remote interns.
  • Technology:  Many provided remote interns laptops, but all who did used Work from Home or Repayment Agreements to ensure the equipment was returned.
  • 2021:  When asked if they would continue their remote internship programs in 2021, most were split between “Yes” and “Only if we consider it unsafe to conduct traditional internships”.
  • Overall:  Traditional internships seem to be the preferred option when considering the overall experience. As one respondent stated, “We consider our remote internship program a success based on intern and manager feedback, but a traditional, in person internship is generally preferred.”

For a copy of the full NEI survey with its complete findings, please reach out to your NEI contact or CLICK HERE to download the report.