NEI Recognizes Service Partners with Own It! Awards
NEI Recognizes Service Partners with Own It! Awards

NEI Recognizes Service Partners with Own It! Awards

2022 Global Partner Alliance Summit

Published: Oct 27, 2022

October 2022 - NEI Global Relocation recognized nine service partners for demonstrating NEI’s Own It! business philosophy.

“We couldn’t be more excited to recognize these partners in relocation who have shown incredible dedication to NEI’s “Own It!” approach,” said Al Blumenberg, SVP, Revenue and Global Partner Relations. “The level of trust our clients have in us directly reflects the caliber of partners we work with and their commitment to “own” each and every opportunity.”

Own It! is an acronym that explains NEI’s approach to achieving satisfaction levels of service that exceed the expectations of our clients and their relocating families:

Offer value — Win the customers confidence — Now, not later

Inspire with a positive attitude — Take responsibility.

“Ownership is taking responsibility for your work and doing whatever it takes to help the customer and win their confidence,” said Al Blumenberg, SCRP, NEI SVP, Global Client Development and Service Partner Relations. “The value that our clients get from such a responsive and phenominal team of partners is tremendous.  We stick by our approach and we’re committed to working with partners who, like us, have the highest standards of service.”

This year’s Service Partners who best exemplify NEI’s Own It! approach are recognized as an example to all:

Aperian Global, Inc. — When a person is moving to a new country, they feel the stress of the move and loss of productivity which can often be associated with it.  Adding to the ins and outs of the physical move, cultural training is probably one of the last things on the transferee’s mind, but the knowledge gained can be invaluable.  Creating a program that meets the level of training and the flexibility of transferee schedules has become extremely important.  With the development of new approach, Aperian Global was able to provide over 70 percent of those authorized for training with less overall spend for our clients – helping the transferee to not only succeed individually, but also become global ambassadors for their companies in a more cost effective manner has been a big win for everyone involved.

Executive Expatriate Relocations (ERR) — Shortly after the Ukrainian conflict began, a media client had to immediately extract foreign national employees and families from Russia. The situation was critical because the Russian government had warned journalists reporting on the war in the Ukraine that they would face censorship and detentions.

ERR traveled to Dubai, the chosen safe resettlement site, to meet with our client contact and begin working on the evacuation plan. The situation was more much more intense than a typical DSP assignment because employee bank accounts in Russia had been frozen and employees were leaving their home country with reluctance in some situations. 

The relocating group had high expectations that their company would handle everything for them, and as you can imagine each employee had different family and relocation plans to address. Had it not been for our partner’s local relationships and treating the situation as a top priority, this process would not have been so successful. Thank you ERR for meeting the challenges and “owning it”!

Execustay Midwest — Rental inventory has been increasing tight throughout the US and Omaha has been exceptionally challenging.  Add to that a group of seven individuals consisting of six men and one woman from an Asian culture. Several individuals wanted to share accommodations and a higher-level individual needed a little higher level of accommodation. However, the group wanted to be in the same general area for socializing activities, wanted to experience the amenities of Omaha though they would be working in a smaller town about 25 miles away, and wanted rental cars although none had experience driving in the US.  As each parameter was laid out, the challenge became tougher and tougher.

This service partner embraced the challenge in addressing every request and even went so far as to place rice cookers in the units so the guests would feel more at home.  The transferees were very happy, and the client was thrilled that we were able to accommodate the group so well.

NYC Navigator — Above and beyond is an insufficient description for this Own It award.  Imagine relocating from overseas to New York City, not knowing anyone or anything about the city.  Then imagine coming home from work to find your husband on the floor – deceased.  What do you do? Who do you call?  The employee reached out to her employer who reached out to the DSP and specifically the Client Services Specialist who immediately drove to be with the transferee.  They sat together until well past midnight, consoling, listening, and discussing the necessary steps to take place in the coming hours and days.

In addition to providing comfort, the Client Services Specialist and her team carefully and respectfully made the final arrangements for the employees’ deceased husband, organizing the funeral, writing the obituary, and arranging the cremation.    The whole experience brought new meaning to the term “duty of care” … a repatriation was avoided, which saved the client thousands of dollars and the transferee and Client Services Manager still stay in contact.

Premia Relocation Mortgage — Recognizing the challenges facing relocating employees in 2021 with the aggressive housing market which often resulted in rejected purchase offers, affordability issues, and delayed appraisals, this partner reviewed key product features and mortgage processes; evaluated how they needed to change to benefit homebuyers; and implemented changes throughout their organization. 

Three critical items were identified that would fight off market pressure.  Our preapproval letter was expanded to show the strength of the buyer, the loan officer and the company.  The team selected eight quality PMI companies, implemented a new pricing model, updated systems and trained our team.  They expanded their appraisal network which provided a better respond to closing timelines and helped to decrease temporary living expenses caused from delays in the process. Yet another example of “owning it” to continuously improve efficiencies.

Relocity — Relocating people is hard enough, but when there is a prized pet involved and the family is quarantined because of COVID, the job gets a little tougher.  Such is the case with Tess, who had flown from Sydney, Australia to New Hampshire with no one their to meet him.   

Staying in touch with the family and keeping them updated on the status was very much appreciated, but the Partnership Manager who further Owned It was going out of her way at 1:00 am on a cold wintery night, to retrieve and take responsibility for Tess.  Tess was eventually reunited with his owner family, and after a few days was back to his normal self.

As you can imagine, the whole family was delighted to see Tess and very thankful for all the kindness shown to him by the Relocity Partnership Manager.

STAR7 — Owning an opportunity when you’re dealing with a VIP can be challenging, in and of itself.  Owning It when the VIP has had a poor experience with another partner really sets the stage to be on your toes.  Such was the case with our VIP who had been learning to speak in Tagalog while in the Philippines.  The service partner immediately contacted the VIP to gain an understanding of his expectations and to glean what had happened with the previous two consultants, from the other partner. 

As we hear many times, sometimes VIPs are unable to schedule a set time or commit to self-study. That being the case, our service partner customized the program to ensure optimal learning.  The VIP continued to advance in Tagalog language skills, and gained the confidence to use the language to communicate in his new community. 

WALKBOARD — A relatively large, unexpected group move in the middle of the peak summer season is never a good thing, especially when some of the transferees were required to move the very week that we received the authorizations.  Given the circumstances with the short turn time and peak season, our typical partners were already booked solid.

This partner was able to step in and handle quite a few of the moves for us without any complaints.  Even though they were a new addition to our client account, most of the moves went very smoothly, and we had very few employee complaints – which was a major win!  They embodied the OWN IT approach from start to finish.

NELSON WESTERBERG — This last year we experienced an influx of short notice moves. Shipments ranging from 2,000 to 40,000 pounds, originating, and delivering in remote areas of the US & Canada, including Fort Saint John, BC, Point Roberts, WA, and Kalispel, MT to name a few.  This team successfully covered 40 of these shipments and have owned every one of them, many of them packed and moved less than a week after our reach out, making this complex process appear effortless to NEI operations and the transferees.

Just one of many examples of how Nelson Westerberg “owns it” for NEI!