NEI Recognizes Service Partners with Own It! Awards
NEI Recognizes Service Partners with Own It! Awards

NEI Recognizes Service Partners with Own It! Awards

2021 NEI Global Partner Alliance Summit

Published: Nov 2, 2021

On Monday, October 25, 2021, NEI Global Relocation recognized eight service partners for demonstrating NEI’s Own It! business philosophy.

“We understand that companies want a relocation partner they can trust. NEI and our service partners work to earn the trust of our customers every day through our Own It! philosophy,” said Michelle Moore, NEI Chief Global Mobility Officer. “We are very pleased to recognize those service partners who fully embrace the Own It! approach to meet and exceed our mission of providing Service Exceeding Expectations.”

Own It! is an acronym that aptly describes NEI’s approach to achieving satisfaction levels of Service Exceeding Expectations with our clients and their relocating families:

Offer value. Win the customers confidence. Now, not later. Inspire with a positive attitude. Take responsibility.

“Ownership is taking pride in every aspect of your work to do your best,” said Al Blumenberg, SCRP, NEI SVP, Global Client Development and Service Partner Relations. “It’s having the character to be accountable for all you do. It’s doing the “right” things – even when no one is watching.”

Service Partners who best exemplify NEI’s Own It! approach are recognized as an example to all. This year’s winners include:

BHHS Georgia Properties was our primary partner for a client’s group move which entailed moving approximately 65 employees from Louisville to Atlanta during the height of the pandemic. The planning, workshop design and delivery was all accomplished through virtual mediums and was adjusted frequently to meet our client’s needs with scheduling and information. One of our Operations team members said, “BHHS Georgia Properties has been hands-down one of the most professional, willing to “pivot”, customer focused partners I have ever worked with! A huge thank you to Kathy, Janet, and their entire team!”

HomeBuyer’s Preferred went above and beyond to assist a new homeowner with a significant Radon problem. The new owner was very anxious and filled with buyer’s remorse, but Steve was able to calm the situation and assist to a point to where the new owner was settled and very happy with her purchase.

City Place Relocation booked a flight with less than 48 hours notice to arrive in Colorado and personally meet with a client’s executive team who was looking for a “needle in a haystack” regarding some very specific Temporary Living needs. Ross’s onsite presence not only allowed him to answer questions, provide market education and assurances of accommodations quickly, but helped all parties pinpoint a very different direction to secure a better option to meet their needs than was originally instructed by the client.

Palmer Logistics Services and Terri Palmer continue to demonstrate NEI’s Own It! philosophy. In a move from Portland, Oregon, to Olathe, Kansas, the van operator broke down 600 miles from Portland and was unable to contract mechanical repairs for several days. The transferee did not have the flexibility to delay the move due to a home closing date. Additionally, the Northwest was particularly challenging with no drive recover options.

Palmer flew their Vice President of Operations, Brandon Kress, and a helper from Detroit to Portland to pack and load the shipment with the assistance of an origin partner helper. The transferee stated, “From the time Brandon arrived, he was hand-son, lead the crew by example and more importantly, kept me informed around the plan of execution. Greatly thank and appreciate you getting him out to personally oversee this move. Excellent recovery and job well done.”

NYC Navigator and Hanna Blandford had the above and beyond challenge – and unexpected pleasure – of stepping in as “extended family” for two first-time expectant mothers who were unable to return to their home countries, nor receive visits from their families during the COVID-19 lockdown. NYC Navigator organized and hosted a virtual, American-style baby shower with new friends introduced through its Compass Club events. Decorations were shipped to the celebrating mothers’ homes so a festive background could be prepared for family and friends who were able to participate from their home countries via Zoom and Facetime. A traditional American shopping registry was set up so guests could send gifts to be opened during the virtual shower. Games were even organized to add to the fun.

A year later, NYC Navigator was invited to the first birthday party of one of the shower participants. “It has been an honor to be invited to the first birthday party of one of these client’s baby. The relationship really feels like family rather than a simple destination service relationship.”

Professional Organizing Relocation Consult GmbH – In the complex world of visa and immigration, this team demonstrates the NOW, Not Later.  In one example, they were able to extend a short term assignment visa, enabling the client to continue working in Germany. Through a focus on the urgency of the situation, the need for crisp communications with all key parties, including the proper authorities, and going the extra mile, they were able to expedite the process and achieved the desired results for all.

Premia Relocation Mortgage provides an excellent example of winning the customer’s confidence and doing whatever it takes to OWN IT during a global pandemic!  By a willingness to absorb risk and fulfill critical financing for transferees, Premia enabled clients, transferees, and their families with needed assistance for homebuying processes to continue and stay on course with the relocation process. Despite the uncertainties during the global pandemic, they delivered creative approaches, innovative tools and constant communications, serving more customers and delivering service excellence, with a close rate of 97% - achieved seamlessly in a Work from Home model!

REA – Partners in Transition played a pivotal role in helping a transferee named Laura determine if she should maintain her current position remotely or explore a shift to a new role to meet life-long objectives. Working with this transferee, REA helped her understand the process, create an action plan and appreciate her own strengths when considering a change in position.  This developed a level of confidence, not only in accepting the role, but embracing the new opportunity.  Once Laura decided to “go for it”, REA owned the process and offered value by helping Laura create a CV/LinkedIn profile, cover letters, participate in interview training, define employer targets, and discuss salary negotiations. Laura went from hesitancy to understanding her worth and skillsets for a job in biotech! REA won her confidence by helping her position her strengths, clarify decision criteria, and use target language. This partner was on-call for questions during Laura’s fast-moving interviews and helped her weigh the benefits of two opportunities, salaries, and final acceptance of the right role. REA inspired Laura to step beyond her current success and reach for one of her life-long ambitions, despite operating in a pandemic environment. REA collaborated with Laura on every step of this journey and her evaluation comments reflect how much of an impact it had on her life.

These are just a few examples of how NEI’s Service Partners Own It! for our clients’ transferring employees. It is our honor to recognize these outstanding examples with our Own It! Awards. We thank each of you for your dedication!

(Please note: not all Service Partners were available for photos.)