NEI Presents Corporate Responsibility Awards to Four Companies

NEI Presents Corporate Responsibility Awards to Four Companies

Published: Nov 4, 2019

The goal of the NEI Corporate Responsibility Award is to recognize Service Partners who best demonstrate their corporate responsibility in the areas of Community Service, Philanthropic Activity, Environmental Sustainability and Corporate Governance. Those receiving the 2019 awards included:

Atlas World Group for their Philanthropic Activity in championing a Move for Hunger initiative by donating around 2.1 million meals to foodbanks throughout the country and for their educational outreach program, where staff members rallied around the opportunity to teach students money management and budgeting tactics with real-life simulations.

Icon Relocation was recognized for taking responsibility to creatively impact the environment of our communities beyond what could done by one company.  Simon spearheaded the effort to enlist TIRA, an organization of global mobility leaders on six continents, to rally around World Clean Up Day.

Packimpex Ltd implemented several strategies throughout all offices to find alternative resources in their day to day activities.  The changes resulted in reducing the waste of 15,600 plastic bottles, 78,000 coffee capsules, 390,000 liters of landfill, and 8.6 tons of CO2 annually.

Voerman & Eurohome Relocation Services received our final Corporate Responsibility Award for its support of the Only Friends Foundation, which provides kids with disabilities access to sports facilities that would not normally be available.  Through a recent charity event, our winner raised 37,569 EURO (nearly $42,000 USD) to help the Only Friends Foundation obtain the resources they needed.

It is NEI’s honor to recognize the achievements of these four companies. The efforts made to make an impact on our world are inspiring to all of us.