NEI Presents Corporate Responsibility Awards
NEI Presents Corporate Responsibility Awards

NEI Presents Corporate Responsibility Awards

2022 Global Partner Alliance Summit

Published: Oct 10, 2022

October 2022 – At its annual Global Partner Alliance Summit, NEI Global Relocation presented three Corporate Responsibility awards to NYC Navigator, Synergy Global Housing, and Premia Relocation Mortgage. The awards recognize community involvement, philanthropy and environmental sustainability and/or corporate governance.

The purpose of the Corporate Responsibility Awards are to celebrate NEI Service Partners who most embody NEI’s commitment to make the communities in which we work and live better.

“There is tremendous potential in corporate spaces to impact the greater world,” said Kate Dodge, Chairman of NEI Clobal Relocation. “Companies are choosing to measure their success, not merely in dollars and cents, but in lives changed for the better. Whether that is providing superior products while reducing polution and waste, or finding opportunities to leverage organizational resources for philanthropic work, we’re seeing a renewal of corporate interest in doing the right thing. It is NEI’s desire to fan the flame of those service partners who exemplify this spirit.”

Philanthropic Activity

For their enduring efforts of kindness and consistent leadership in the area of philanthropy, NEI Global Relocation chose NYC Navigator to receive the 2022 Corporate Responsibility Award for Philanthropy.  Some of their accomplishments include hosting an International Women’s Day luncheon, an Earth Day event, working with the nonprofit SuitUp to provide an educational opportunity for middle school students that come from underserved communities,  as well as traveling to Washington DC to advocate for small business reform in the areas of healthcare, childcare issues, and the need for more visas in skilled labor.

Environmental Sustainability

To honor the tremendous work that goes into consciously changing an organization’s culture to respect the home we all share, NEI is pleased to present the 2022 Corporate Responsibility Award for Sustainability to Synergy Global Housing. Synergy created a team of committed Sustainability Champions to lead the initiative to reduce their environmental footprint and reach NET Zero by 2030. This goal is well reflected in their actions: having created company programs to eliminate the use of plastics, cut down on paper, reduce food waste, and share resources to help others in their industry do the same. 

Community Service

Rounding out the 2022 Corporate Responsibility Award recipients is Premia Relocation Mortgage who demonstrated their devotion to community service by participating in various charitable efforts over the course of the past year – collecting mittens, socks, food, and securing donations for those in need. Premia also instituted a policy that allows their employees to take paid-leave for volunteer work, which was well utilized.

We congratulate each of our winners in this category and thank you for setting such a fine example for others to follow!