NEI Presents Corporate Responsibility Award to Allen Tate Company

Published: Sep 16, 2015

Allen Tate Company was honored with the NEI Corporate Responsibility Award at the NEI Global Partner Alliance Summit held in Omaha, Nebraska, September 22-23, 2015.

This award holds special meaning for NEI as it recognizes one of our service partners for giving back to their community, preserving our environment and setting an example for employees to follow. This year’s winner certainly exceeded NEI’s expectations with its FUNday events that took place in four regions of North and South Carolina to benefit local education, non-profits and other foundations.

Hundreds of agents organized the events where more than $145,000 net was raised. Since the FUNday events were organized in 1998, more than $1.5 million dollars has been raised—all from the grass roots efforts of Allen Tate Company employees!

Receiving the award on the company’s behalf was DJ Stephan, President of Allen Tate Relocation and Corporate Services.

“It’s one thing for a company to give back to its community,” said NEI President Kate Dodge. “It’s quite another thing for a company to inspire its employees to band together and make such amazing contributions. We applaud Allen Tate company and its employees for contributing to their respective communities in such a significant manner. It is our honor to have presented them with the NEI Corporate Responsibility Award!"