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NEI Moves to New Headquarters

Published: Oct 30, 2015

October 2015 – NEI Global Relocation is moving its headquarters to a new location. The new building will allow NEI to reintegrate all Omaha employees under one roof as of October 26, 2015.

“It took a long time to find the right facility with enough square footage to accommodate our growth,” said Randy Wilson, NEI CEO. “We are so excited to get everyone in Omaha back to one location. Last year, we had to move our accounting and expense tracking departments to a temporary facility until the new location could be secured and prepared.”

The new street address is 2707 North 118th Street, Omaha, Nebraska, 68164. Our post office box mailing address, phone numbers and email addresses all remain the same.

The new facility has enhanced resources for redundancies and generator capacity in addition to the increased square footage for growth in each department, conference rooms and training centers.

Located in one of Omaha’s larger business parks, the area has many amenities, easy access and a convenient location—just minutes from our former headquarters.