NEI Innovation Award Presented to Home Sweet Home
NEI Innovation Award Presented to Home Sweet Home

NEI Innovation Award Presented to Home Sweet Home

2021 NEI Global Partner Alliance Summit

Published: Nov 2, 2021

Monday, October 25, 2021 – NEI Global Relocation thoroughly believes that innovation holds the key to any company’s future success and is proud to present the NEI Innovation Award for 2021 to Home Sweet Home.

Home Sweet Home developed an integrated system connecting their Voice Over Internet Protocol phone system to their Operating system, allowing them to simplify the contact process with transferees who use texting as their preferred communication mode.  The newly designed process:

  • Rapidly communicates from a computer or mobile phone with a transferee via text messaging
  • Receives responses directly into the Home Sweet Home computer and cell phone
  • Automatically captures two-way communications into the transferee’s file for a complete history of electronic conversations

Home Sweet Home also changed their transferee contact protocol, so if a call goes to the transferee’s voicemail, it will trigger an immediate text, thereby eliminating at least one follow-up call and allowing the transferee to respond when it is convenient.

These innovations to simplify the transferee communication process enabled better communication with partners in the field, saving everyone time and effort as well as providing more complete information for NEI.  

Thank you again to our 2021 NEI Innovation award winner, Home Sweet Home.