NEI Client Awards Dinner

Published: Jul 27, 2017

After the evening reception, guests took their seats for a special recognition and thank you to our clients celebrating milestone anniversaries with NEI, as well as a special acknowledgment to two clients who were celebrating their business centennials. Kate Dodge welcomed all to the event and invited our clients celebrating those milestone partnerships with NEI to join us on stage for Randy Wilson to present them with their awards.

Due to our confidentiality agreements, we cannot name our clients, but thought you would find it interesting to learn that we celebrated multiple 5, 10, 15, 25 and 30-year client partnerships this year.

Following the awards presentation, our guests enjoyed a steak dinner while facts about our client companies were presented on the big screens in a question and answer format.  Many commented on how nice it was to learn so much about all the companies that work with NEI.