NEI CEO Opening Remarks at the Talent Agility Symposium

Published: Aug 15, 2017

Opening remarks by Randy Wilson, Chief Executive Officer at NEI, touched on how NEI Global Relocation is partnering with our clients to manage the ebb and flow of changing relocation volumes, the disruptions caused by mergers and acquisitions, and cultural shifts that occur as organizations adapt to today’s rapidly changing environments.

The NEI service delivery model was designed to meet the volume fluctuations all clients experience at one time or another.  That model coupled with NEI University brings consistency to our support system and provides ongoing talent development to ensure bench strength when needed. 

“When it comes to mergers and acquisitions,” Wilson stated, “our business strategy is to BE YOUR PARTNER.  There has been a significant increase in the incidence of mergers and acquisitions among our clients over the last two years.  NEI can help you prepare for conversations about your company’s program and processes, provide benchmarking information, and make you a valuable resource to the transition team, should a merger or acquisition be in your future.”

Wilson went on to discuss the huge investment required for companies to remain secure and be compliant—an investment NEI has made. One of NEI’s investments in data security for our server environment was to successfully complete our SOC 1 and SOC 2 audits.  She discussed recent phishing scams that have hit our industry, causing some home buyers to lose literally hundreds of thousands of dollars, and steps NEI has taken to train our employees on how to detect such scams.

She closed her session talking about the importance of consulting services and meetings like the Talent Agility Symposium to serve as the medium through which we strengthen our relationships and share knowledge.