NEI 2015 Cost of Living and Cost of Housing Assistance Survey Released

Published: Nov 16, 2015

The © NEI 2015 Cost of Living and Cost of Housing Assistance Survey results analysis has just been released. A total of 229 companies participated in the survey which was open between August 6 and September 16, 2015. The composition of participating companies included a fairly even cross section of company sizes. The largest industries represented in the survey were Energy/Utilities, Financial Services/Insurance, Manufacturing and Technology.

Twenty-four percent of the respondents offer formalized assistance for increased costs at the destination location. Of the 24 percent who offer formalized assistance:

  • 70 percent offer Cost of Living Assistance
  • Only 5 percent offer both Cost of Living and Cost of Housing Assistance
  • 29 percent offer Cost of Housing Assistance

The survey provides valuable information as to the duration most frequently offered for both benefits, which tiers are most likely to receive these benefit options and the percentage of companies that offer tax gross-up assistance. Nearly 20 percent of the companies that do not currently offer said benefits are considering implementing Cost of Living benefits in the future.

For a copy of the comprehensive results analysis, please contact your NEI representative.