MovePal Enhancements Pique Client Interest

Published: Apr 11, 2014

NEI Global Relocation (NEI) recently released its newly enhanced MovePal® website.  MovePal.com is a consumer site for one-stop moving assistance, providing individuals who are relocating without any company assistance to take advantage of NEI experienced service partners and access a wide array of resources to make their self administered moves as smooth as possible.

"The response to the MovePal® enhancements has been very positive," says Randy Wilson, NEI CEO.  "There is a lot of client interest in providing moving benefits to all of their employees without incurring additional costs.  The company-branded MovePal site is a great value-add for our clients."

Individuals who use a MovePal agent to buy or sell a home can be eligible to receive cash back or credit incentives based on home sale and/or home purchase prices and state guidelines.