Mergers, Acquisitions, and Relocation

Mergers, Acquisitions, and Relocation

Published: Aug 15, 2017

Kayla Conrad, NEI Client Relations Manager, provided a comprehensive layout for leadership and blending of cultures when companies are acquired.  She showed a couple of videos that clearly demonstrated how our minds simply do not see some things when we’re too focused on other things. She also talked about subcultures and how successful acquisitions have strong leaders who embrace the subcultures of newly formed mergers.

Don, Senior Manager, HR Global Service Delivery of a global pharmaceutical company, and Beth, Director of Talent Acquisition for a large energy corporation, talked about each of their experiences. 

Don worked for his company for 39 years before a global pharmaceutical company acquired it. He described how new workstreams were created for all HR departments to blend the organizations, how the processes for Request for Proposals for global mobility services were modified, and how the decisions were made to select NEI as the relocation management company for the new entity. He also talked about the collaboration between his company and NEI in designing and implementing the new mobility programs.

Beth’s perspective was the opposite of Don’s.  Her company frequently purchases other energy entities within the US, and part of her role has been to integrate these organizations into the company’s relocation programs and corporate culture. Beth shared how NEI supports a complete review of programs and service partners, determines how to save money, and manages group move and relocation services for the newly acquired companies.

Both individuals shared personal experiences about how they assessed and blended or addressed the varying cultures of the merged companies from both perspectives.