Managing COVID-19 Relocation Challenges
Managing COVID-19 Relocation Challenges

Managing COVID-19 Relocation Challenges

Published: Jul 20, 2020

Since early January 2020, with the challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, NEI has continued supporting our clients creatively and effectively with both intra-country relocations and global assignments or repatriations, where allowed. 

To start, we practiced and tested a Business Continuity event in January – specifically for COVID-19 – to ensure we were 100 percent ready. 

NEI’s Business Continuity Plan was activated and has been properly functioning since March 2020 when our processes were implemented. Our existing work-from-home program was quickly expanded to include most of our work force. We were able to continue supporting our clients and their relocating employees without any reduction in services, despite the constantly evolving situation.  

We continue to adjust our practices, advise clients, and counsel relocating employees on compliance with numerous states’ and countries’ evolving guidance for businesses.

Today, as countries in Europe have begun opening borders intermittently, for example, NEI has navigated the fluid changes in country-specific regulations each week to help clients and their employees maximize productivity and minimize stress.

Service Exceeding Expectations Never Stops at NEI

NEI’s consultative approach remained customized for each client to meet the specific business needs. As the global mobility industry challenges continued to evolve due to COVID-19, NEI proactively worked with all parties to maintain momentum as much as practically possible. When an everyday task becomes a puzzling challenge due to a worldwide pandemic, that’s when NEI’s resourcefulness is even more appreciated. For example:

THE NEI DIFFERENCE – Sunday Night COVID-19 Challenge Resolved by Monday Morning

An assignee from China in the U.S., who was working through another relocation management company (RMC), was told by its temporary living apartment management group that she needed to vacate in only eight days. This came during major COVID-19 challenges in Princeton, NJ – a stressful situation indeed, further complicated by her concerns about her family in China.

The RMC managing her relocation could not find suitable accommodations in the same facility and indicated that the only option was to move her across town. Understandably, she was concerned about moving, cleaning and unpacking in a new facility during the pandemic and very much wanted to stay.

Because NEI managed the U.S. Domestic portion of the client’s program, our client contact enlisted NEI for assistance on a Sunday evening. Through NEI’s quick team work with our service partners and internal teams, and within a matter of a few hours on Monday, we were able to share the happy news that our service partners found a unit in the very same corporate housing facility allowing her to change units without moving to a new facility.

Our client expressed their gratitude for NEI’s resourcefulness during the pandemic crisis. When it was time to reevaluate their global mobility program, they awarded 100 percent of their relocation business to NEI.

“THANK YOU VERY MUCH AGAIN. I`ve to tell you that your support and partnership is critical for our success. I informed your team about this case on the weekend and in less than 24 hours you came back to us with the solution. I really appreciate all your hard work and excellent support!                           ~ NEI Client Contact 


Earning Regular Accolades from Relocating Employees During COVID-19

 “My NEI Account Executive has been the epitome of professionalism, efficiency & calm during an incredibly challenging time! (COVID-19) Her recommendations, follow up and advice were invaluable. Anyone who does not utilize NEI is at a severe disadvantage. I cannot recommend my NEI Account Executive highly enough!!!  Outstanding work!!!”   

~NEI Client Relocating Employee

“The level of customer service my Account Executive and her assistant provided throughout the entire process was unbelievable! Day or night, weekday or weekend, before and during COVID-19, they were always available, empathetic, informed and helpful. They were simply amazing. As I told them last week, my wife and I feel like we had two friends working on our behalf, instead of simply being another customer.”  

~NEI Client Relocating Employee

“My NEI Account Executive was always available to answer any questions and for guidance. Even in the midst of COVID-19 pandemic, she is friendly, courteous, and very helpful. Great Job! … The best experience was the helpful staff and availability, even during the current conditions.”

~NEI Client Relocating Employee

“My Account Executive’s coordination with my real estate selling agent made the process so much easier and satisfying. They were linked at the hip in terms of advising us similarly, and both understood the challenges associated with selling during this COVID-19 period.”   

~NEI Client Relocating Employee

“I was briefing my boss on the status of my upcoming move this morning. Closing on 5/6, packing here on 5/11, and moving in later that week.  He was amazed / stunned as to how quickly / smoothly my relocation was going... especially amidst COVID concerns. I relayed that my NEI and Realty teams were “the A Team”.  I did “knock on wood” to not jinx us (not that I’m superstitious), but this has been an amazing experience... especially amidst COVID. Appreciate all you’re doing to get me into my new role. The company recognizes and appreciates your efforts.”

~NEI Client Relocating Employee