Managing and Forecasting the Unpredictable

Managing and Forecasting the Unpredictable

Published: Aug 15, 2017

After opening comments from Randy Wilson on Thursday morning, Mark Bartasis and Beth Olson, both NEI Client Relations Managers, presented this very popular session, which included videos, a skit, and an animated PowerPoint to demonstrate the difficulty of predicting relocation costs when things constantly change.

“Managing and Forecasting the Unpredictable”, showed the audience a case study involving a family whose relocation was originally scheduled to take three months, but extended to six months, and eventually exceeded the original cost estimate by 29 percent due to circumstances beyond anyone’s control.

Lively and highly interactive, this session included video vignettes of a transferring family, onstage “human benefits” to demonstrate how costs change as the timeline expands, and a presentation to pull it all together.

This fun, light-hearted scenario showed how predicting the relocation costs and timing of when they will be invoiced can be challenging. and emphasized the importance that communication plays in keeping all stakeholders informed as things change, so expectations can be properly managed.

Immediately following the presentation, several clients requested a copy of the presentation in video format to use as a training tool within their global mobility departments. 

The video has been completed and is available to NEI clients upon request.