Global Partner Alliance Summit Huge Success

Global Partner Alliance Summit Huge Success

Published: Nov 22, 2013

NEI Global Relocation (NEI) hosted a day and a half of learning and sharing opportunities for our service partners and employees, covering a wide variety of topics, including a special presentation on global business ethics. The event attracted more than 130 global relocation service partners from 14 countries and received an overall rating of 4.9 out of 5 from attendees.  

After a warm welcome from NEI President, Kate Dodge, Randy Wilson, NEI CEO, introduced the audience to NEI, our parent company, our history, our business philosophy and core values, and what sets NEI apart from other relocation management companies.  "I think what really sets NEI apart from others is our culture," Randy said.  "We truly try to live our values in everything we do and instill a collaborative culture that focuses on communication, consultation, cost control, customization, continuous improvement and corporate citizenship."

Following the initial presentation, Al Blumenberg, explained how to become a certified Global Partner Alliance member.  Al described the difference between NEI suppliers, members of the Global Partner Alliance and the ultimate Certified Global Partner and explained the process for acquiring each level.

The presentation Complementing Competencies demonstrated how one of NEI's newer service partners, Jennipher Christensen from IPR Consulting, developed a genuine partnership with NEI.  International Services Manager, Mollie Ivancic, explained the ebb and flow of how the relationship developed and how they worked through the communication process to collaborate.   

The last session of the day and the first two sessions of the next day were roundtable discussions covering Best Practices and Trends by Industries, How to Streamline the Relocation Process for the Transferring Families, and NEI Global Gateway for partners.  Marti Briney introduced each topic before table leaders starting the discussions.

The room was buzzing with ideas on each of these topics and everyone seemed to enjoy the opportunity to share their insights.  One relocation director commented, "There is truly a sense that we were not here just to keep our business relationship, but that you really value our input and opinions - very refreshing and rare from an RMC."  Another stated, "Thanks so much for having us and allowing us to share our thoughts, insight and opinions.  Nice to know our perspective is valued!"  Other comments echoed this sentiment, "This was a fantastic event and really made me feel like a true partner of NEI."

One of the highlights of the Summit was the panel discussion on Partnering to Create an Ethical Business Culture Across the Globe.  Kate Dodge introduced the Moderator, Beverly Kracher, Ph.D. who then led the discussion with Charles Dalluge, Executive Vice President of Leo A Daly Company, and Chris Kircher, Vice President of Corporate Affairs and President ConAgra Foods Foundation.   

Closing the event was keynote speaker, Joyce Laymann, who gave her presentation on Mindset, Motivation and Change, sharing her experiences and offering excellent suggestions for converting negative mind chatter to positive results.

More photos of the event will be posted to the NEI Facebook site in the near future.

GPA Summit Preceded by NEI Talent Agility Symposium

In early June, NEI hosted another event that drew clients and presenters from fifteen countries.  If you missed the opportunity to learn more about that event, please click here for details.