Getting Recruits to a "Yes" for Relocating
Getting Recruits to a "Yes" for Relocating

Getting Recruits to a "Yes" for Relocating

Mobility Trends and Hot Topics

Published: Apr 13, 2022

So much of convincing a recruit to accept a new position in a new location is based on understanding what is important to them. A thorough needs analysis with your candidate by your NEI Account Executive provides the information to identify ways to help your recruits learn about – and fall in love with – a new destination. It’s also important for them to have a clear understanding of the relocation support they will receive to minimize their stress of moving and start a new adventure.

Key areas to focus on can include:

Discovering Local Activities

Promoting all the fun and local arts, cultural, sports and outdoor recreation attributes a location offers is critical and may influence a candidate on the total package of work / life balance and sway your recruit to accept your offer.

Scouting New Neighborhoods

Seeing the new destination first-hand is the best way to make an informed decision. When a recruit knows the environment of where their new job could be, they begin to visualize themselves in that setting.

NEI Account Executives are skilled at learning what is important for your recruit to experience on an orientation tour and significant research can be done by the employee in advance of a visit with NEI Cities – a global destination research tool with targeted categories important to relocating employees, including crowd-sourced reviews.

Highlighting Housing Options

Recruits may find relocating an opportune time for making a switch in living arrangements - whether downsizing, upsizing or simply seeking a change of scenery.

Progressive employers may strengthen relocation benefits by providing rental assistance in the new location or offering current renters reimbursement for new home purchase closing costs.

Learning How to Get Around

Determining one’s preferred method of transportation may influence an employee’s community choice. A neighborhood’s walkability score can point walkers in the right direction. Bikers may want a neighborhood with bike paths in a relatively flat section of the location. If driving, easy access to a freeway can reduce travel time. Adequate public transit in densely populated areas is helpful, too.

Taking Stock of One’s Belongings

NEI can arrange for professional organizers to help transferees eliminate items which they don’t want or need at a new destination with Discard and Donate, a pre-move service through NEI partner Home Sweet Home. It can help recruits reduce the size of their household goods shipment, which reduces fuel consumption and excess weight charges from shippers and can also reduce the footprint needed for their new living arrangements. 

Protecting Mental Health - Increasing Productivity

Proactively managing anxiety while moving is also important and your NEI Account Executive is the relocating employee’s advocate and guide.

As the single point of coordination for all moving services, NEI helps ease stress by skillfully guiding the employee throughout each step of the process.

And with top executives, critical talent or those with unique needs, an enhanced level of service called ExtraCare can be added to relieve the most time-consuming relocation burdens. Mental health and stress directly impact productivity and the more company or outside responsibilities an individual has, the more they may need this type of additional assistance.

There are many things to consider when changing jobs -- not to mention the additional stress involved when relocating. Understanding what’s important to the employee and addressing those needs is critical to successful recruiting.

For more information our candidate services or enhanced services like ExtraCare, please reach out to your NEI representative.