Foreign Language Training: Time is of the Essence

Published: Mar 7, 2016

Language differences are often the single most challenging barriers that companies experience as hey globalize. Whether partnering with companies overseas or by expanding offices globally, the ability to effectively communicate is a strategic business necessity.

When you think about the time and expense of preparing your employees for global assignments, non-traditional, online services are gaining popularity as one of the most effective tools you can offer to help them become immersed in a new culture in the shortest amount of time.

Online Language Training

Timothy Ferriss, bestselling author of The 4-Hour Workweek, The 4-Hour Body, and The 4-Hour Chef, studied the language curriculums from Princeton, the Middlebury Language Schools, and Berlitz International to learn why most traditional classroom language training programs don’t work.

In his 10-year study of more than 20 languages, Ferriss, known for his time management theories that produce the greatest results with the least amount of effort or time, concluded that materials and methodology, more than any other factor, are the keys to successful language training.

In his study, Ferriss found that instructors are only conduits for the material, and compares teachers to chefs where even the worst chefs can make an excellent meal when following the right recipe.

When evaluating a language training program, it’s more important to assess the materials and methods than the language fluency of the instructor.

Secondly, he found that a typical classroom has students with at least 20 different skill levels, and a curriculum that moves at the pace of the slower students. Online classes are available anytime, and allow those with the motivation and aptitude to progress rapidly through the courses.

The Right Language Partner

When NEI studied various language training providers as potential service partners that we can confidently recommend for our clients’ employees, Mango Languages rose to the top as an affordable alternative to traditional classroom style training.

With proprietary PhD-created and linguist-approved software and teaching methods, Mango quickly teaches practical conversations in over 60 languages using interactive technology and a variety of online learning techniques, including authentic, fully customizable content, video, and mobile apps.

Online classes allow your employees and their families to manage their learning process and often can be done as other family members are available and can share in the learning experience. And with the free mobile apps available for Android™, iPhone®, Kindle™, Nook®, and iPad®, employees can fit in smaller segments when available, like down time at the airport, or at a child’s soccer practice.

Mango Methodology

Mango’s “intuitive language construction” methodology consists of four main components students use to learn any language while increasing comprehension, retention, and memory.

▪       Vocabulary

▪       Pronunciation

▪       Grammar

▪       Culture

Mango Languages’ methodology doesn’t waste time by teaching the foundation of a language. Instead, their proven method of intuitive learning, critical thinking, and repetition is infused with “stealth grammar” lessons and cultural notes get students to exercise their new language skills in real-world situations. As opposed tolearning irrelevant phrases that other language programs begin with, Mango starts out with conversations your employees can use immediately upon entering the country and help them quickly assimilate into their new workplace.

Accessibility and Self-paced Learning Options

Mango Languages’ online, 24/7 remote-access software offers a suite of easy-to-use products for your employees, their families, and administrators from anywhere with an internet connection. No downloads, no installs, and no antiquated CDs.

Mango provides placement tests for students with a higher proficiency or more experience to test out of courses and rapidly progress to the next level.


Combine online lessons with live, one-on-one, online, customizable language training sessions with a native language coach.


Self-paced language learning software helps users learn practical conversations and cultural insights to communicate effectively.


Mango free mobile apps are fully functional for iPhone and Android mobile devices and allow users to take their learning with them, with or without an internet connection.


The structure and motivation of an instructor-led course combined with the captivating experience of film means guided learning that is as effective as it is fun.


It's not enough to give employees access to a self-paced program and assume they will learn on their own. The Mango Administration Portal (MAP) is a dashboard full of real-time statistics to help you keep track of user progress, time spent in the courses and the languages studied.

“Mango Languages is a great partner and its online tool is easy to use, easy to understand, and a great alternative solution to traditional language learning,” says Holly Haverkost, NEI Global Service Partner Relations. “They are easy to work with and agile enough to modify or create programs in the ever-changing and very dynamic world of global mobility. They understand our mission and values, and strive to exceed the expectations of NEI, our clients, and their relocating employees.”

The language training program you choose depends on the logistics of delivery as much as the methodology and subject matter being taught. In a more and more globalized workplace, online lessons are becoming an increasingly obvious choice for corporate professional development programs.

Online training methods offer:

▪       Multi-media options to improve student engagement

▪       24/7 availability to fit within anyone’s schedule

▪       Pacing to fit with the student’s abilities to advance through the material

To learn more about how Mango Languages can help your organization become effective communicators on a global scale or for a software demonstration, contact your NEI representative today.