Faster Destination Integration = Happier Relocating Households
Faster Destination Integration = Happier Relocating Households

Faster Destination Integration = Happier Relocating Households

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Published: Jul 26, 2022

Moving to a new city, state or country is exciting, but it’s not easy if one loves the location they are leaving or has deep roots and connections there.

Finding friends, activities, and a community in the new destination is one of the biggest uncertainties and worries people face when accepting a company relocation offer. Integrating can prove especially challenging when moving to a destination where it may take locals a while to warm up to new people.or in small towns, where families and friends have known each other for years and have established strong bonds over shared experiences.

DSP vs. Long-Term Integration

Programs focused specifically on long-term destination integration services help families and individuals feel at home again from practical, social, professional, and well-being perspectives.

However, when some people hear “long-term destination integration”, it’s easy to confuse the service with those offered by Destination Service Partners (DSPs) who coordinate many critical aspects of a move, like area orientation, home search, school search, initial registrations of bank accounts and driver’s licenses. DSP services are typically offered over the course of a few days after arrival and, while critically essential to get employees/families initially settled, their services may not focus on the long-term integration needs.

New Location Integration Assistance – offered by NEI through our experienced service partner, IMPACT Group – helps simplify adjustments. Through one-on-one support, it focuses on personal, professional and productivity aspects of moving before, during and after the move is complete through one-on-one support.

The program is designed to:

  • Improve productivity with a profound impact on wellbeing, engagement and job satisfaction.
  • Build connections to support employees with establishing a network of friends and connections through special interest groups and activities.
  • Restore comfort and a heightened sense of confidence by integrating employees and their households into new cities and countries faster so they thrive and embrace the relocation.

The New Location Integration Assistance program smoothly supports transitioning to a new city or country for all household members through:

  • Coaching: IMPACT Group’s personalized one-on-one coaching helps employees and families work through the changes they are experiencing – individually or with others in their household – to navigate critical aspects of their personal and professional integration and develop strategies to address their needs.
  • Research: IMPACT Group’s research team helps develop transition plans to support the entire relocation process, including locating resources such as healthcare, sports clubs, schools, childcare, neighborhood demographics, hobbies and more.
  • Guidance: Employees also receive guidance on how to achieve a smooth integration and set goals for their new role. Throughout the process, IMPACT Group Coaches focus on making the new place feel like home quickly.
  • Jobs Search for Accompanying Talent:  IMPACT Group’s program also addresses the career needs of others who will relocate with the employee and need to find new employment, start a business, or become active in other ways like volunteering. The accompanying talent is generally a spouse or partner. However, companies should consider broadening the benefit to include additional adult household members wishing to work in the new location as an incentive for the employee to accept a relocation.

There is also an innovative career and integration portal with resources and progress reporting for client teams.

This entire program helps employees be more productive:

  • In a People Perspective on Relocation Report by IMPACT Group, 73 percent of employees reported being more productive at work thanks to integration assistance.
  • In an Atlas Van Lines survey of 3,000+ relocating individuals and families, 80 percent of respondents reported integration services saved time during moves.

Proactive, Progressive Support

Anxiety management before, during and after the move is critical. After all, relocations are often filled with many unknowns – both exhilarating and worrying. With the NEI Account Executive as the relocating employee’s primary advocate, counselor and guide, stress and worry can be minimized through support from NEI and our service partners.

For more information on how our enhanced services, like New Location Integration Assistance, can help your employees and families, please reach out to your NEI representative.