ExtraCare - Full Service at its Best!
ExtraCare - Full Service at its Best!

ExtraCare - Full Service at its Best!

NEI in the News

Published: Feb 10, 2022

Although NEI has always provided VIP benefits, we are excited to bring our customers a new level of service, which we call – ExtraCare.  

The “war for talent” has never been more intense than it is right now, and meeting business goals have never been more critical. NEI’s innovation team identified a significant gap in our industry for high-touch services and built ExtraCare to fill it!  Some of the talent for which ExtraCare was designed include:

Top Executives.

When hiring for business critical or hard to fill positions, the move is bound to be more complex and the competition for such talent is greatly accelerated, so pulling out all the stops to increase services for these individuals can make a huge difference. Maybe that move involves high-value personal items, multiple locations involved in the relocation, or they simply need to be 100 percent focused immediately on what they’ve been tasked to achieve – ExtraCare is the answer.

Critical Talent.

Perhaps you have critical talent whose expertise is essential in the new location. Coordinating connections and appointments with the many service partners who will be helping the individual successfully relocate may prove to be too great a distraction for the work at hand – ExtraCare can help.

Unique Needs.

And let’s not forget about those instances when employees need that extra level of service because they are caring for aging parents or children with compromised health concerns. Maybe you are moving a scientist who needs to transport his entire lab – the solution is ExtraCare.

It is not uncommon for relocating homeowners to lose up to 20 days of work with relocation-related tasks. For renters it tallies to about 15 days – and those are just for the high-impact activities. When meeting business goals is critical, it’s easy to see how ExtraCare can literally pay for itself.

We invite you to explore a special website that explains what ExtraCare is and how you can learn more about an Introductory Offer. Click HERE for complete details.