EU Posted Workers Directive

EU Posted Workers Directive

Published: Jun 23, 2021

Employers today are being placed under increasing scrutiny and face greater compliance challenges across Europe regarding their international assignees and business travelers. One of those challenges comes in the form of a "posted worker".

A posted worker is defined as “A person who, for a limited time, carries out his or her work in the territory of an EU Member State other than the state in which he or she normally works.” If an employee is posted for more than 12 months - or 18 months if the employer submits a motivated notification to the host country's national authorities - all relevant terms and conditions of employment of the employee’s host country apply.

The “EU Posted Workers Directives” were introduced by the European Union (EU) to protect posted workers and promote a level playing field between the EU Member States regarding the conditions and rights for employment. In this whitepaper, NEI discusses what you need to know, the top items companies should be considering, and recommendations for keeping posted workers compliant. 

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