Easy Savings with Discard and Donate Program

Published: Mar 10, 2016

The busy summer moving months will be here before you know it. What better time than now to implement a proven program that provides savings and increases employees’ satisfaction?

NEI’s relationship with Home Sweet Home and their Discard and Donate program offers numerous advantages to our clients and your relocating employees, including:

  1. Reducing household goods shipment sizes
  2. Saving companies money on the household goods shipment
  3. Maximizing charitable contributions and environmental impact 

Home Sweet Home serves more than 65 Fortune 500 clients today and conducts over 7,500 initiations per year. The Discard and Donate program works to everyone’s advantage.

How It Works

Home Sweet Home arranges for a certified professional organizer to proactively assist relocating employees/families prepare for the move, de-clutter and reduce unnecessary items for shipment where possible. The organizer can:

  • Provide in-home consulting by helping employees with choices on which items not to move
  • Separate and pack items to be donated or discarded for the relocating employee
  • Work with local charitable organizations for pickup of donated items
  • Arrange for discarded items to be removed safely
  • Connect with local consignment companies for items to be sold
  • Prepare a list of items sold, discarded or donated to charity
  • Give relocating employees a list of donated items for their personal tax return
  • Offer “Home Staging” services to help sell the property faster

The company has professional organizers located within 90 minutes of 99.2 percent of the addresses in the United States.

Saving Green and Going Green

Not only does Home Sweet Home provide relocating employees with all of these services, but they expect to reduce the size of each participating household goods shipment by between 5 and 15 percent. They also guarantee charges for the service will never exceed the savings on the household goods move. 

The combined net savings of just four of our clients using Home Sweet Home in 2015 was $122,000…and that doesn’t count the tax deductions their employees might take advantage of for tax returns!

Home Sweet Home’s services also help the environment and your green initiatives. In 2015 alone, they are projected to have:

  • Saved 1,283 trees and planted 3,849 trees for a positive environmental impact of 5,1325,132 trees
  • Saved over 61,600  gallons of fuel
  • Reduced 154,000 pounds of packing materials
  • Eliminated over 3,850,000 pounds of goods weight
  • Lowered carbon emissions by 548 metric tons

A Valued Service

If you are not convinced of its value yet, here are a few comments about the Discard and Donate service:

  • “Home Sweet Home - WOW!  How accommodating with our pick-ups and the organizing team was excellent.”
  • “We are extremely happy to have this service offered through our company. It is great to have the support and opinion of an organizing professional to help move a big household such as mine.”
  • “Service was very helpful and saved me a ton of time and sweat.”
  • “Mary Ellen helped so much! She didn’t just make suggestions, she moved things and showed me how to be more organized and get my house decluttered.”
  • “I am sure without Gina’s help and guidance I would NOT have sorted and donated as much! I am so thankful to the help she provided to me.”
  • “They made a difficult task much easier both physically and emotionally. Really great to know that my items would be recycled or reused instead of going in the garbage.”

NEI Win-Win-Win Partner Strategies

Cost savings, environmental benefits and employee satisfaction opportunities are not always so easy to come by.

Your NEI representative would be pleased to introduce Home Sweet Home to you at any time and fully detail this Win-Win-Win service -- one that benefits you, your employees and the community.