Around the World in 80 Seconds

Around the World in 80 Seconds

Published: Apr 12, 2018


India’s Bureau of Immigration is introducing online services that will eliminate the need for in-person visits to the Foreign Regional Registration Office for foreign nationals. On Monday, February 12, 2018, e-Services were launched by the Foreign Regional Registration Offices in Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, and Mumbai. If successful, the service is expected to be expanded to other locations.


Israel has moved to provide new immigration incentives for high tech companies bringing foreign experts to Israel. Companies that are recognized as “Hi-Tech Companies” by Israel’s Innovation Authority will be eligible to sponsor workers on a type of B-1 work visa called a High Tech Visa or HIT Visa. The visas will initially be valid for one year and will be processed in six working days. Spouses of HIT visa holders will be eligible for general work authorization for the duration of the principle visa holder’s stay.


Government officials have provided the Migration Institute of Australia with updated information about the forthcoming Temporary Skills Shortage (TSS) visa program. Officials confirmed that the TSS visa program will be launched in the first half of March. They said that a requirement that applicants be ‘genuine temporary entrants’ will automatically be satisfied in most cases and that tests to determine whether sponsoring employers are discriminating against Australians will be the exception, not the norm.


Irish authorities have published a new information booklet that details how applicants for international protection will be able to access the Irish labor market beginning February 9, 2018. Processing delays are possible if a significant number of applications are received.


Iraq’s Ministry of Interior has announced several important changes to rules for foreign nationals. Among them, in-country conversions of single-entry visas to multi-entry visas will no longer be accepted. Single-entry visas holders must leave Iraq and re-enter with a letter of authorization (LOA), to activate a multi-entry visa. This includes all individuals with an expired single-entry visa and multi-entry visa sticker transiting through airports in Iraq, even if they have an active LOA – they must now obtain an exit visa, pay the overstay penalty, leave Iraq and re-enter with a new LOA.


Russia’s Ministry of International Affairs has introduced changes to its work permit application procedures, including those for obtaining Highly Qualified Specialist work permits. The changes will require applicants to have passports that are valid for at least 1 ½ years at the time of their application and meet strict photograph standards.


Chile’s Immigration Department is experiencing significant delays in processing and issuance of visas and permanent residence permits because of an upcoming change in government next month and high immigration demand. Employers and individuals should factor in an additional two to three months for processing applications.

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