Around the World in: 80 Seconds

Around the World in: 80 Seconds

Published: Jul 31, 2015

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Singapore – Companies will soon face tougher job ad rules before they can hire foreign workers. The new rules are scheduled to take effect on October 1 and also offer financial help to companies who hire Singaporeans as a means to offset wage costs. The stricter rules will make it more challenging to hire foreign workers.

Greece –If the Greek debt crisis forces the country to leave the European Union as a political entity, it could result in serious consequences for the free movement of Greek nationals looking to travel and work within the Eurozone, and for Greek nationals already working in Europe. Should the exit from the EU occur, each EU member state will decide its own policy on Greek migrants. At this stage it is unknown whether EU member states possess legal grounds to remove Greek nationals and their family members who are already exercising rights of free movement in EU member states. Note: As this goes to press, Greece has reached an agreement that appears to allow them to remain within the EU to help settle what has been a significant rising uncertainty. However, Europe’s first step will be to push the agreement through several national parliaments, many in countries that are loath to afford Greece more help.

India – India’s Ministry of Home Affairs is asking members of the Indian diaspora to convert their Person of Indian Origin (PIO) cards to Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) cards by completing the “OCI in lieu of PIO” application in the jurisdiction of their residence by September 30, 2015. BAL is urging PIO cardholders to apply now under speculation that the Ministry’s notice could signal a forthcoming change from being a voluntary rule to a mandatory rule.

France – Employers sending employees on assignment to France are now required to provide a letter naming a legal representative to act as the liaison between the employer and the French Labour Inspectorate for each employee they send. Employers should make sure they are in compliance with the requirements, which add new administrative procedures for business both outside and inside France.

Equatorial Guinea – A blanket audit of work permits, requiring companies to revalidate existing work permits with the Ministry of Labor, is being conducted. Failure of companies to present their work permits for foreign employees along with proof of recruitment authorization, could result in the permits being invalidated. U.S. nationals continue to be exempt from work permit requirements for up to 90 days for all work categories, including offshore rotations.

United Arab Emirates Effective July 31, companies employing 100 to 999 employees will be required to offer health insurance to all employees, including foreign employees. The change is part of the universal healthcare law that was adopted in Dubai in 2013.

The above information is provided as a courtesy and not intended to be used as legal advice.