A Win-Win-Win Service for Client, Transferee and Community

Published: Apr 30, 2015

The focus on being green and saving money maintains a high profile in today’s business environment. NEI and Home Sweet Home have teamed up to do just that by offering our clients a progressive, pre-move Discard & Donate service designed to reduce the size of the household goods shipment, help support communities beyond our office walls, and realize a unique “Win-Win-Win” result for all:

  • Win – lowers client relocation costs while helping to reduce our carbon footprint;
  • Win – helps maximize transferee tax deductions and move satisfaction levels; and
  • Win – benefits charitable organizations and our environment in the process.

When asked how the program was being received by transferees, NEI Director of U.S. Domestic Operations, Connie Pearson, said “The cost neutrality is guaranteed and the environmental impact is an automatic positive. Transferees who have used it appreciate the reduced stress of having someone help them go through their belongings and coordinate getting rid of items.”

The Discard & Donate service is managed by Home Sweet Home, a nationwide firm that provides transferees professional assistance to organize, discard, sell, and/or donate items prior to moving.

A number of support services are performed by Home Sweet Home’s Professional Organizers to minimize transferee time involvement and maximize client savings:

  • In-home consulting by helping the transferee with choices on which items not to move
  • Separating and packing items to be donated or discarded for the transferee
  • Making arrangements with local charitable organizations for pickup of donated items
  • Making arrangements for discarded items to be removed safely
  • Making arrangements with local consignment companies for items to be sold
  • Preparing a list of items sold, discarded or donated to charity
  • Giving transferee a list of items that were donated for their personal tax return
  • Helping with “ Home Staging” services, to stage the home better and to sell quicker

Did Someone Say “Guaranteed Savings”?

In addition to helping both the community and the environment, the service expects to reduce the size of each participating household goods shipment between 5% and 15%. But one of the best “win” features is Home Sweet Home’s guarantee that charges for the service will never exceed the savings on the household goods move.

Home Sweet home measures total savings for the corporate client and will prepare a cost savings report for each transaction, if desired: (see example below)

Proactive with New Solutions

NEI clients who have been approached with this meaningful concept love the idea. We will be presenting the benefits of the service to all clients during their year-end reviews over the next few months.

“They have tremendous flexibility and are able to customize their services to fit the needs that we have.”

~ Human Resource Director