A Sneak Peek of NEI Technology Roll-outs and Predictive Globalytics

A Sneak Peek of NEI Technology Roll-outs and Predictive Globalytics

Published: Apr 19, 2019

Our first Global Partner Alliance (GPA) Advisory Board meeting of 2019 continued earlier discussions from NEI’s annual GPA Summit that explored technology’s impact on the future of the relocation industry.

Greg Keith, NEI’s SVP Information Technology, was the featured speaker.  A popular speaker on information technology, data security and privacy at our Talent Agility Symposium and GPA Summit, Greg spoke about NEI’s strategic planning process that drives the creation of our roadmap to leverage technology throughout the relocation process and improve the user experience for our clients and their relocating employees. 

During the discussion, he introduced the Board to our more recent innovations, including NEI’s Predictive Globalytics® tool.  

NEI’s Overall Technology Landscape

NEI’s fully integrated, relocation management system, named ORBIT, was developed to meet the unique needs of the relocation industry. Within its single system platform, NEI manages change for our clients with a high degree of flexibility and speed to market.  

Recently, several technology improvements and innovations have been rolled out as we strive to leverage technology to improve the user experience throughout the relocation process.

Enhanced and Responsive Transferee Portal

As part of our overall transformation that places an emphasis on the relocating employee experience, we launched an all new Global Gateway for Transferees, providing an intuitive, easy-to-navigate, and mobile-friendly site that reduces the time it takes to complete tasks.

Workflow Automation

NEI invested in a powerful workflow automation and document management system to automate business processes and the creation of dynamic content for our clients’ relocating employees.  Through process automation, NEI employees are better able to engage in higher value activities, simplify and optimize business processes, and lower costs.


NEI’s all new Globalytics® reporting platform is built upon SAP’s business intelligence technology and customized specifically for the relocation industry.  Globalytics® utilizes data visualization for greater insights, drives faster decision making through interactive data exploration and “what-if” analysis, and provides instant access to clear and understandable metrics. 

Going Forward:  Predictive Globalytics® 

With the ability to turn relocation data into predictable intelligence, our new Predictive Globalytics® tool leverages the power of SAP’s sophisticated technology to help our clients forecast trends, volumes, costs, and exceptions for their relocation programs.

This moves us beyond historical and descriptive statistics that merely summarize data, to predictable intelligence that identifies patterns and trends based on behaviors and correlations. Through predictive modeling and closed loop decision support, we are providing relevant and actionable insights to decision makers, allowing them to react and change influencing factors in order to positively control the outcome of their relocation programs.  

NEI is currently rolling out Predictive Globalytics® to our clients and closely partnering with them to showcase the power of predicting their relocation program volume and expenses.  We are continuing to build additional predictive models to drive even greater insights to relocation programs including policy exceptions, individual relocation expenses, home sale prices and days on market. 

We are excited to offer these new and innovative technologies and believe our technology roadmap will continue to deliver additional value to our clients’ relocation and mobility programs.
Feedback from the GPA Advisory Board regarding NEI’s Technology Roadmap and our current position in the marketplace was overwhelmingly positive, noting that for the relocation industry and B2B integration, NEI is truly a cutting-edge partner. 

NEI 2019 GPA Advisory Board of Directors

NEI is proud to announce our 2019-2020 Global Partner Alliance (GPA) Advisory Board, a cross-functional team on global mobility professionals whose mission with NEI is to help identify and discuss best practices in the various industries, make topic recommendations for NEI events and serve as resources in delivering world-class global workforce relocation and assignment management services.

  • Kay Kutt, Asian Tigers
  • Lauren Herring, The Impact Group
  • Denise Oemig, Runzheimer
  • Alex Alpert, Shyft Moving
  • John McGowan, LCM Relo Solutions
  • Mark Britt, PrimeLending
  • Carol Ahwal, Oakwood Worldwide
  • John D’Ambrogio, @ Properties
  • Ben Heller, PricePoint
  • David Bunnell, Transportation Worldwide
  • Diane Ayers, PorchLight Rental
GPA Advisory Board members serve a two-year term, half of the member terms starting in an even year and the other in an odd year. We thank each of them for their service in helping NEI Global Relocation provide Service Exceeding Expectations.