The Coca-Cola Company Presents Major Award to NEI Global Relocation

The Coca-Cola Company Presents Major Award to NEI Global Relocation

Published: Jun 27, 2014

The Coca-Cola Company presented its prestigious Partners in the Promise Global Supplier Diversity award (Diversity Supplier of the Year) to NEI Global Relocation at its award celebration in Atlanta on Tuesday evening.

Partners in the Promise refers to the company’s goal to reach one billion dollars in annual spend with diversity suppliers by the year 2020.

In the latter part of April, Kaye Masters, the procurement manager involved in the sourcing process that selected NEI Global Relocation  to manage its relocation program, indicated that she had nominated NEI for this honor.

Pictured above are Allison O'Sullivan, Global Mobility Director; Ginger Merrick, Global Mobility Manager; Margaret Bonitz, NEI Client Relations Manager; Randy Wilson, NEI CEO; Linda Straw, Global Mobility Vendor and Relocation Manager; Kaye Masters, Senior Manger, Procurement.

“We were thrilled to be nominated!” said Randy Wilson, NEI CEO.  “With the strong partnership between our companies and the 100% employee and client satisfaction ratings, we felt we were a good candidate for the award,” she continued, “but wondered if a supplier with only one year of service experience with The Coca-Cola Company would be in a position to win this highly sought after award.  We couldn’t be more thrilled for everyone in our company who helped us achieve this recognition.”

Ron Lewis, VP, Procurement and Chief Procurement Officer for The Coca-Cola Company presented the award to NEI and talked about how NEI overcame the challenges of bringing several of their companies together under one program, saving them hundreds of thousands of dollars in labor costs as a result of the streamlining, and how NEI achieved a 100% satisfaction level, which was very, very important to their selection committee.

“Amazing things happen when we work together with a shared vision and commitment to excellence!” said Kate Dodge, NEI President.  “This is a great example!”