NEI a Top Provider in HRO Today Relocation Bakers Dozen--Again!

NEI a Top Provider in HRO Today Relocation Bakers Dozen--Again!

Published: Mar 31, 2015

Once again, NEI Global Relocation ranks in the top three for Quality of Service in the 2015 HRO Today Relocation Baker’s Dozen!

NEI has been in the top three for this category since 2011. All three of the top companies in this year’s Quality of Service category scored within less than one percentage point of each other.

“At NEI, we strive to provide Service Exceeding Expectations on a daily basis and work hard to create strong partnerships with our clients,” said Randy Wilson, NEI CEO. “It’s a very busy, fast-paced world and we  appreciate our clients taking time to recognize our teams for their hard work.”

Elliot Clark, CEO of HRO Today Magazine, announced the top providers in a recorded segment and stated, “Quality of Service is most important.”

During the video announcement, he provided an insider’s look at the methodology of the survey, indicating that:

  • more than 60 relocation management companies were tracked,
  • the opinions of 288 individuals representing 230 companies
  • comprised the final tallies,
  • only responses from corporate emails were honored,
  • and that HRO Today used IP tracing to validate those corporate emails.
Before announcing the results of the survey, Clark also shared that “the only influence that HRO Today has on the outcome of the survey is that we discard incomplete surveys or surveys outside the normal distribution--this means surveys that are so perfect as to be impossible or so bad as to be vengeful.”