MillerCoors Names NEI Global Relocation MWBE Supplier of the Year

MillerCoors Names NEI Global Relocation MWBE Supplier of the Year

Published: Jul 12, 2017

NEI Global Relocation was awarded the 2016 MillerCoors Procurement MWBE Supplier of the Year for exemplifying the qualities essential to our mutual success.

At the presentation ceremony, Erin Burchett, Global Category Manager—G&A, Molson Coors, stated that NEI Global Relocation puts in great time and effort to ensure that MillerCoors relocating employees receive the best care possible and the program receives ongoing analysis and reviews to ensure its competitiveness and proficiency in the marketplace.

“NEI regularly reviews our cost levels and how the market is affecting those, and by proactively identifying projects and areas of opportunity or investigation, they are able to bring savings to MillerCoors year after year,” said Erin Burchett of Molson Coors. “In 2016, we saw $410,000 in savings through their program management, but they brought us a program that helps us with our sustainability efforts. The program reduced 1,857 pounds of cardboard, saved 743 gallons of fuel, and planted 60 trees.” 

Erin continued, “Effective and reliable supplier relationships like the one MillerCoors has with NEI Global Relocation form the foundation of success for our Integrated Supply Chain program – starting with our most important assets, our people.”

NEI employees in attendance at the ceremony included, Randy Wilson, CEO; Debbie Ammons, Director of U.S. Domestic Operations; and Kari Iverson, Client Relations Manager.

“Receiving such high recognition from MillerCoors is truly an honor.  The partnership that has developed between our companies and our teams is phenomenal,” said Randy Wilson, “Working with their transferring families is a responsibility that we take very seriously…and enjoy very much. Thank you!”