NEI Global Relocation | Bios


As NEI’s Controller, Janine manages expense administration services, tax gross-up processes and global compensation services. Janine directs the implementation of new-client expense administration, working with clients’ payroll personnel to institute sound practices for seamless integration of relocation information into their systems.  She also consults with each client to establish the payment processes for all relocation expenses, ensuring that the program is compatible with the client’s unique program goals.


Janine has been with NEI since 2000.  She joined the organization with 4 years’ experience in public accounting, where she led numerous corporate, not-for-profit and compliance audits.  Janine is responsible for ensuring that NEI’s outstanding reputation for accurate reporting, invoicing and accounting, and its commitment to transparency, is upheld.  She oversees an internal control structure wherein the finance and operation teams execute their roles with the highest standards.

A Certified Public Accountant, Janine attained her bachelor’s degree from the University of Nebraska at Kearney and has over 15 years of accounting experience.  Prior to joining NEI, she was a senior accountant at a public accounting firm.  Janine participates in Big Brother/Big Sister Program of the Midlands and is active in a variety of community events.

Janine Jarecki

Controller, Expense Management